Apple iOS 12 Brings A Much Needed Feature With it Just In Time

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Shruti Verma
Computer Science Engineer in Making | Tech Enthusiast since birth

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has announced the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system – iOS 12 – at the recently concluded Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2018. While the excitement towards many features of the iOS 12 started building up, there is one feature that has garnered a lot of interest worldwide – Screen Time.

The built-in application offers the users complete information regarding the usage of their iPhone and iPad segregated app wise or on the basis of time spent on a particular app or the genre the app belongs too. It also lets the users know how they are faring in the real time by placing a small arrow next to the usage time, which compares the day’s usage with the averaged data. Users are also allowed to schedule off their screens, a feature much needed in today’s world. The application can be accessed from the ‘settings’ tab. It also allows users to set a time limit for a particular application.

The application also packs with it a very useful feature for the millenniums – It lets the users keep a tab on how many times have they picked up their iPhones. The data lets them know the frequency of their pickups and their daily pickups charted against the other days of the week. This feature might be very helpful to those users who are working towards cutting down their usage of their iPhones and Ipads. It also lets the user know the number of notifications they have received and from which applications.


iPhone Feature Surprised Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reveals in an interview that the data he received about his usage shocked him as well. He says that he always thought himself to be a disciplined smartphone user, but the statistics showed a very different picture.

He says that by looking at the number of notifications he receives, he might conclude that the purpose of notification has diluted. He believes that notifications were initially created to let the user know of something very important that is happening, but now it seems to him that everything that is happening, is important.

He says that the Cupertino based giant is not at all fearing the fact that letting users know how much are they addicted to their iPhones and iPads could result into a possible dip in sales. He says that the company feels that it is their duty to empower their patrons with the data and be satisfied with the devices they produce. He says that they want their customers to engage in other activities as well, rather than being glued to their smart devices. He feels that the final judgement lies with the users themselves to determine “How much is too much”, a probable reason why Apple does not provide any ‘judgement tag’ with the data displayed in Screen Time.

iOS 12 Feature: Just In Time?

The Saturated Economies for the smartphones today, are facing the under-rated issue of smartphone addiction. A recent report claims that Phone dependency can lead to a host of mental and physical issues ranging from anxiety to depression and also issues like increased heart rate and blood pressure and a serious loss in hearing. Researchers have described the issue as a case of “Veritable Obsession”.

A study conducted by Deloitte in 2017 highlights the increasing smartphone addiction among the US consumers. The smartphone users in the US look at their phone 47 times a day. Surprisingly the number is constant for the past three years now.


Not A Pioneer?

The ‘revolutionary’ feature that Apple has introduced for the iPhones and iPads are not the first for a smartphone. Android users have had the access to their usage statistics ever since the inception of Android. Many skins over the top of Android also offer the data to their users.

Android users (any version) can dial *#*#4636#*#* on their device keypads and get the details.

Not only that, several third-party applications also offer such well-analysed data, not only on Android but on iOS-based devices too. They also offer the options to control like the ‘Downtime’ feature offered with Screen Time.


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