5 Tips For Passing Microsoft 70-764 Certification Exam

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Microsoft 70-764 is a unique exam which certifies database professionals. Post the certification, professionals will be able to perform installation, maintenance and finally, the configuration of certain database-related tasks. This exam helps you in showcasing your potential to use the SQL Server agent to automate and finally, store data. By clearing this exam, the candidate will be able to achieve MCP and MCSA certifications.

Gaining these certifications is a great experience and holds a number of benefits to boost your career ahead. However, it is not an easy exam to clear. You need to prepare rather well to clear this exam. A proper strategy, backed by hard work, is the key to cracking this exam. We would recommend using a tool like Practice Test Software, which will be a real-time simulation of the actual exam. This article covers a whole range of tips which would help you plan your strategy to prepare for Microsoft 70-764 Certification Exam.

Here are a few tips that will truly help you pass Microsoft 70-764 Certification Exam:

1. Devise A Full Proof Study Plan

One of the most important components of your preparation for Microsoft 70-764 exam is to have a study plan in place, and most importantly, stick to it. Studying for this exam requires a large amount of dedication and perseverance which separates the best from the rest. However, you mustn’t be too hard on yourself as well. Make sure you devise such a plan where you’re able to give time for not just studying for the exam, but also to give proper rest to your mind and body.


Make sure that the plan is realistic and achievable at the same time. Allocate a few rest days in the middle as well but beware to be too easy going too. Next, make sure that all the key concepts of study are covered by you, and you have grasped every critical topic of study. Also, make ‘revision’ a habit. Often people don’t revise and keep learning further. This creates panic at the end. Keep revising the previous modules even after you move to the next model. This way, every module remains fresh in the memory while you keep studying further. Another important thing is to complete the syllabus in time. This will keep you comfortable and stress-free during the days before the exam.

2. Make Sure You Get Hold Of Some Good Quality Study Material

Once a concrete study plan has been created, it is high time to purchase the study material for the exam. Microsoft Press book is certainly one of the very best in the lot. They offer some of the best books for Microsoft exams and will certainly help you ace the exam with ease.

However, it is important to keep a secondary study material source as well. You can even purchase any non-Microsoft book too. This will certainly help you when you are struggling to study with the one single book you could have. Two is always better than one!

You can also opt for computer-based study material. Some notable sources are Train Signal and CBT Nuggets. These training modules cover all the key topics for the exam and also offer a great and entertaining way to study the concepts. You can access the study material almost anywhere, be it your workplace or even your home. It makes learning all the more fun.

3. Have A More Practical Approach

At times, studying just the theory will not do you any good. It is always important to have a practice-based approach to ace an exam with ExamSnap.com: Microsoft MCSA SQL 70-461 70-462 70-463 70-761 Pass4sure Testking. A lab environment during the study will certainly take your study experience to a whole new level. Microsoft does offer simulation-based questions in this exam. Hence, it’s important to have a hands-on practice for better performance in the exam.


Once you purchase the official study material from the Microsoft site, you will also be given a trial version of the test lab software. This way you can start practising the questions that will give you a better understanding of all the topics at hand.

In such practical training sessions, you will actually be working on the product. When it comes to solving error based questions, practical experience is what certainly sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Once you have a hands-on experience with Microsoft products, you should be able to clear this exam with relative ease.

4. Practice Certainly Makes A Person Perfect

After preparing for the exam, it is important to attend as many practice exams as possible. Not only will such exams give you a taste of the real exam, but will also help you identify any potential weak spots which you might need to work upon. Make sure that you make use of the practice exams offered on trusted websites only otherwise you never know if those sites do more bad than good to you!

5. Take Adequate Rest Before Exam Day

Once the preparations and practice tests are over, the big day of the exam could be just a few days away. It is essential to take proper rest before the exam day because it is not an easy exam to attempt. The questions which you could expect will be rather demanding and will need you to be at your best to truly crack this exam.

Complex questions tend to make you stressed and without any rest, you will be bound to feel that way. We urge you to take adequate amount of sleep the day before the exam, at least 7 hours. This way, you will be fresh to attempt the exam and a step towards achieving your dream Microsoft certification. Just keep your calm and do your best to achieve your dream career.


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