Google URL Shortener Is Shutting Down: What You Must Do

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Google URL shortener is one of the widely used and popular tools for publishers, marketing and branding agencies. Despite, Google has decided to shut down its short URL service in the wake of increasing number of offerings by the third party providers.

The URL shortening service by Google will no longer be available from the next month. Users no longer would be able to create short URLs using and will have to turn towards other alternates, such as Bitly or The tool, however, will still be accessible to all the registered users who have created short URLs in the past till March 30, 2019. Users who have been using Google URL shorter for many months as anonymous, won’t be able to access anything.

Google will be complete depreciating the URL shorter tool from the next year. This way registered users will have time to download all their existing data related to shorten URLs they have created using

Why Is Google Shutting Down URL Shortener

Google first introduced its URL shortening service in 2009 to make for Feedburner and the Google Toolbar. As both the services are no offered by Google, the internet giant sees no merit in continuing the related services.

Google also made it clear that developers who have integrated Google URL shortening service with various apps till today would be able to create short URLs beyond May 30, 2018. Google has suggested developers make use of FDL APIs which will automatically detect user’s platform and send the URL either to the web or your app, appropriately.

For those who are calling URL shorter APIs to manage links, are able to do so for another one year before Google shuts down the service completely.

Also, short URLs that have already been created till today, would continue to function as it is and would be redirecting internet users to the mapped links.

Google Short URLs: What You Must Do Now

Publishers, brand marketers and non-developers who have been using Google short URL service for various purposes need to save the related data immediately. Google short URL service provides brief analytics for each link separately to find the source of referrals, browsers and countries. Therefore, for any non-developers who have been using Google short URL service actively for some time may find Google’s decision to shut down URL shortening service quite disappointing.

Google, however, allows downloading all the analytics in one CSV file. Only those users who have been using Google short URL service after login can only download their short URL history and all related data.


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