Should Apple Be Anxious About Qualcomm’s New Processor?

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For the last many years Apple iPhone has been consistently achieving something that Android has been aspiring for long. Looks like the wait for Android is over, and that’s probably making Apple worried as this could elevate Android ecosystem closer to the level of Apple iPhone.

By now you might have heard about Qualcomm’s new processor the internet is abuzz about. But the most interesting feature of the new Snapdragon 845 processor is its security. Besides, offering better performance, an improved graphics processor, processing article intelligence on-device, the Snapdragon 845 comes with SPU – Secure Processing Unit.

Snapdragon 845 processor, which is expected to power many Android flagships scheduled for the next year, is trying to solve the security problem Android has been blamed for years. And, it is a kind of big deal for Android as Apple iPhone has held security as an edge over Android. At regular intervals, Android has faced severe security threats, be it a new malware affecting Android ecosystem or vulnerability at Google Play. The main culprit behind the sub-standard performance of Android is fragmentation.


Unlike Apple iOS ecosystem which is completely controlled by the company, Android is largely dependent on the OEMs. The new Android updates and upgrades don’t reach Android smartphone users in time as almost every leading OEM release the new updates with a lot of delays, especially to the already launched devices. It results in increasing fragmentation issue with Android, and that’s where the hackers and newly sophisticated malware start affecting devices.

That’s what Qualcomm – which is engaged in an acquisition deal with Broadcom – is trying to change once and forever. The Secure Processing Unit (SPU) is an isolated security-focused processor embedded in Snapdragon 845 system-on-a-chip. It’s like a vault built to protect data stored from any type of hacking attempt. The only job of SPU is to safely store all the sensitive data of a user, including his fingerprint, face identification.

Why Is Apple Worried About Snapdragon 845?

The new in-built security processor with Snapdragon 845 is designed to achieve the security level Apple iPhone users have been enjoying for long. That’s one of the core reasons that most of the thought leaders, and who’s who of the industry – who have the utmost concern for their data – find iPhone much more valuable than any of the premium Android smartphone.

Th fueling competition in the smartphone industry is resulting in highly advanced devices that come with a promise of an ultra layer of device security. OEMs are trying to achieve the security at device level by introducing fingerprint sensors, face detection and Artifical intelligence in camera. But to make use of these features users will have to expose their highly personalised information such as fingerprints, retinal scan or even face detection – which is unique to every user.


For users, who belong to various elite groups, such data is very crucial as it’s probably the last proven identify of themselves. In no circumstances, they could afford to get it leaked. And that’s where Apple iPhone is winning over Android.


However, with the introduction of SPU in a Qualcomm chipset designed to be used with most of the upcoming Android smartphones, the security concerns towards Android smartphones may fade off to a large extent. This will also relax the pressure on OEMs of releasing latest updates and patches coming from Google to Android users.

For Apple, it is definitely a concerning development. For a very long time, Apple has been enjoying the edge over Android due to security concerns. As Apple is already facing criticism for losing the innovation mojo, the welcoming improvement in Android ecosystem will only result in increasing pressure on Apple to maintain the lead.

People familiar with matter believe that SPU in Snapdragon 845 chipset has got much more to offer in terms of security, and Apple is aware of it. However, we don’t know much about it yet and Gary Brotman, Qualcomm’s Product Director, believes that it’s even not necessary for anyone to know more about it. He believed, the less we know about the SPU the more secure the system will be.


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