Flight to Success: Automate Your Marketing Strategies With Oracle

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Sujain Thomas lives in a database. When she gets out, which is rare, you can find her on Twitter posting funny cat pictures or writing articles like this one. She has worked as a remote dba oracle expert all over the United States and she loves to share her expertise.

Oracle is one of the leading relational database solution providers in the world for a number of reasons. As a marketer, however, you are mainly interested in one reason- Oracle database features that automate your marketing strategies. If you are new to Oracle, you might not be familiar with these features. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

These features might cause a bit of dizziness for you as a marketer because your database job description doesn’t entail dealing with database administration tasks. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in database administration to automate your marketing. More on that later, let’s take a look at the features first.

The Oracle Marketing Suite

Oracle’s marketing ecosystem resides in the Oracle Marketing Cloud domain. Since the whole system is cloud-based, you don’t have to run your own server configurations, maintain stringent database administration routines, or deal with hardware adjustments. Oracle does that for you. Essentially, Oracle keeps the lights on and all you need to do is upload your data to the cloud and run computing routines to automate your marketing.


New Content-Marketing Focused Features

Last year, Oracle added several features to their cloud, specifically the Oracle Eloqua and the Oracle Content Marketing components. The additions allow marketers to generate and distribute content easily and in such a way that marketers can adapt the content quickly to suit new behaviours in their customers.

These features were added to cater for the dynamically changing landscape of business-to-business marketing. Today, as a marketer, you need to work closely with the sales team if you hope to get and convert leads.

The newly introduced features are intended to glue the input from the sales team to your marketing strategies. Doing this allows you to create compelling content that you can distribute immediately, reducing the number of steps necessary to acquire and convert leads.

Being able to respond to customer behaviors almost instantly is crucial for the success of your marketing strategies. Here’s the technical breakdown of the whole system.

Automated Content Distribution and Tracking

Oracle’s Content Portal gives the cross-functional sales and marketing team access to the right content for every step of a marketing campaign. The teams have access to search criteria, such as Sales Stage, Content Type, Buyer Persona, as well as being able to create custom fields.


When an individual user subscribes to certain content, the subscription triggers a database action that notifies the user of new content assets as soon as it’s published. The Content Portal can be integrated with existing third-party applications or websites that users are familiar with and these applications and pages enjoy enriched capabilities and functionalities for tracking and sharing marketing approved content.

The capabilities mean that marketers don’t have to rely on traditional tools like email based subscription services that offer less insightful statistics on user engagement and preferences. With Oracle’s Content Portal, marketers gain insight into data that speaks volumes about customer preferences. With such data, a marketer can laser focus a marketing campaign with a high rate of conversion.

Oracle also introduced the Program Canvas that allows marketers to create data transformations and data normalisation workflows. The Program Canvas includes a new Listener Framework that speeds up data normalisation workflows by proactively eavesdropping on lead scoring models, lead creation events and forms creation events to offer responsive and mission-critical support. That makes it extremely easy for marketers to learn and respond to prospective client behaviours.

How Can You Take Advantage of These Features?

These features can greatly influence the success of your marketing efforts, but implementing them calls for skills beyond the marketing department. Unless you know your way around the Oracle database, you’ll have relatively little luck in using Oracle’s marketing features, even if the Oracle Cloud does all the hard lifting for you.

The data you upload to the cloud must be structured in a way that makes each component of Oracle’s marketing ecosystem glean as much information as possible. If you don’t get it right, converting leads into new customers will be a hit and miss affair.

Hire a Remote DBA Oracle Consultant

However, even if you don’t have the skills, it doesn’t mean your firm cannot take advantage of content marketing automation. All you need to do is find an expert remote dba oracle consultant.

Database administrators are your best hope of gaining useful data to facilitate your content marketing efforts.

You might be wondering why the strong advocacy for a remote dba oracle consultant and sss

Why Hire a Remote DBA Oracle Consultant?

The reasons are pretty much straightforward when you think about it. A remote DBA consultant saves you a lot of overhead, which translate into a larger profit margin for your firm. Working with a remote DBA means you don’t have an extra staff member on a monthly salary.

You only pay the remote dba oracle expert for work done, and in most cases, the expert won’t have a lot of work to do. In fact, the only times you’ll bring in the consultant is when you are setting up your application for first-time use, and when you want to make adjustments in your application. The rest of the times, Oracle handles everything from updates to hardware configuration.

If you hire a full-time DBA, he’ll just be sitting on his hands 80% of the time, and you have to pay him to sit on his hands. You don’t want that, do you?

Another advantage of hiring a remote dba oracle consultant is he or she is always on call. In-house DBAs break for the weekend and take vacations. If you have an issue with the database when the DBA is away, you’ll have to either wait for him to get back or get help elsewhere.

Your remote DBA on the other hand can terminal into your oracle instance and make the desired adjustments from anywhere because the whole service is on a cloud that is always available.

Finally, the remote dba oracle consultant works out well if you want to scale up or down. If you drop some of your oracle instances, you can drop one or more remote DBAs. The opposite is also true. Scaling becomes a bit of an issue when working with in-house DBAs.


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