Google Says More Than Half of the Pages Using HTTPS: The Future of Web [REPORT]

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In this era of technology, a majority of the companies do business through their websites, due to which website security is of utmost concern, for the companies as well as for the users. An HTTP Secure (HTTPS) connection is the way to ensure secure web browsing. According to Google’s transparency report, today, Crome desktop users load more than half of the pages they view over HTTPS and spend two-third of their total time on HTTPS pages. The chunk of Google ad traffic on HTTPS has also shot up significantly over the past three years. HTTPS prevalence was the quickest in Russia and the slowest in Japan.

Google https adoption
Percentage of pages loaded over HTTPS in Chrome

Google started measuring the prevalence of HTTPS since early 2015 since Chrome users started sharing usage statistics. The user information helps Google in building a better user interface and also in learning users’ experience over HTTPS.

HTTPS browsing and connection is becoming a standard for the users and the companies to ensure secure browsing. Google is making efforts to make sure that HTTPS transition becomes easier to provide businesses benefits like offline support through service workers, web push notifications, credit card autofill and HTML5 geolocation API to ensure safety and security of the users. Moreover, if the transition is done correctly under proper guidance, the effect on Google rankings or Google organic search traffic is negligible. Therefore, Google has also posted two FAQs to help sites transition correctly.


HTTPS uses a combination of the HTTP and SSL protocols which enables encryption of the communication between the system and a web server. It prevents sniffing attacks on the network. Moreover, apart from just providing security and data integrity for websites and users’ personal information, it also improves the speed, reliability and engagement.

Why You Should Migrate to HTTPS

  • HTTPS protects the integrity of the website as it prevents malicious attackers and intrusive companies from tampering with the communication between the website and the users’ browsers. These intruders trick the users to gain private information or installing malware or insert their ads in other companies’ websites. It can occur at any point such as users’ machine, a compromised ISP, or Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • HTTPS protects the privacy and security of the users by preventing the intruders from eavesdropping. HTTPS is not only for the websites that carry sensitive information, but it should also be used by every website to avoid theft of users’ information, behaviour and intentions and deanonymization of their identities.
  • HTTPS blocks the misuse of a website and their visitor’s and users’ information and also helps in providing a better performance of the website with a better user interface.

As migrating to HTTPS becomes even easier, we’ll continue working towards a web that’s secure by default, said Chrome Security Team, Google.

HTTPS is the future of the web considering all its benefits over HTTP. Google is continuously working towards ensuring that migrating to HTTPS is a no-brainer and improvement of their web fundamentals guidance for the easy and correct transition. The company noted an upward trend in terms of time spent on HTTPS websites on mobile devices as well, even though it is less prevalent.

We suggest you to plan your migration today if you haven’t done it yet!


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