The Adoption of Apple iOS 10 Is Much Slower Than Predecessors [REPORT]

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) started rolling out iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad users yesterday, and after 24 hours it is clear that the adoption of iOS 10 is much slower as compared to that of iOS 9. According to the live updates from Fiksu, only 5.8% of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 10 in these 24 hours. Drawing a direct comparison, within 24 hours, the adoption of iOS 9 reached to 8.5%, adoption of iOS 8 reached to 8.8% and adoption of iOS 7 reached to 20.4%. 

Apple is yet to release the official figures of iOS 10 adoption, but the trends clearly show that iPhone and iPad users are not in praise of iOS 10, as of now.

What Went Wrong With Apple iOS 10?

Although it’s too early to predict the fate of iOS 10, but the early adopters of iOS 10 don’t look happy apparently. Those, who started upgrading their iPhones to iOS 10, took Twitter to voice about the various technical glitches with iOS 10 that could cause severe damages likes of data loss and factory reset.

Apple, however, did acknowledge the issue and reportedly solved it quickly. The company apologised for those who got affected.

Apple unveiled iOS 10 in June this year and started the roll out yesterday, September 13, 2016, with few significant changes- new lock screen, notification, enhance QuickType keyboard powered by Siri’s intelligence, etc. Apple iOS 10 is available to users with iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, and iPad Touch 6 or later.

Adoption of iOS Versions

Despite the slow adoption, experts believe that Apple iOS 10 adoption will pick up after the initial hiccups. However, it would be interesting to see if iOS 10 will be able to surpass the adoption rate of its predecessors. In 2013, when Apple released iOS 7 it took just seven days for the OS to cross 50% adoption. By far, iOS 7 has been the fastest adopted iOS version from Apple. After 30 days since its release, iOS 7 adoption reached nearly 61%, compared to 59.8% of iOS 9 and 44.8% of iOS 8.

Overall, as of September 13, 88.16% of iOS users are on iOS 9, just 3.75% are using iOS 8 and little over than 8% are still using older versions of iOS.

When Should You Upgrade Your Apple Device to iOS 10?

Indeed this is an alarming question at this hour, especially looking at the adoption rate and complaints. It is a huge risk for any user to upgrade the OS and end up losing valuable information due to certain technical glitches.

As experts say, every new technology, software and devices are prone to some initial glitches. We believe iOS 10 is very new at this moment. We would recommend our readers not to jump to any conclusion immediately. In a week’s time, early adopters will bring into the limelight all the possible glitches that Apple will resolve on a priority basis. After a week, once iOS 10 becomes stable, it would be the right time for Apple users to upgrade their iPhones, iPods, and iPads.


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