Smartphone – A need, more than just an electronic device, the most favourite and preferred companion from the moment we wake up, till we sleep. In fact, even during the sleep.

Smartphones have brought groundbreaking changes in the society. It’s surprising that a tiny smartphone is built on a mobile computing platform with a more advanced mobile computing ability and connectivity.  Probably, this is the reason we are all highly dependent on our smartphones for our day to day activities. Whenever we want to buy anything or need to find out an answer, the first thing that comes out of the pocket is our smartphone and not the money. In India – the second largest market by the number of mobile phone and internet users – we have nearly 300 million smartphone users, which is estimated to reach over 702 million by 2020, according to Cisco report.

We consider several factors before making the final buying decision. These days, we’ve got numerous options to choose from, based on our needs and requirements. Some consider the price; some consider the specifications, while some want to maintain their social status.

Dazeinfo is doing extensive research to understand the buying pattern, track usage behaviour, and the features preferences of smartphone users in India. As a part of the study, we are conducting an online survey to capture some key factors that influence the buying and upgrading behaviour of smartphone users in India. All we need is 1 minute out of your busy schedule.

Why should you participate?

  • You have a chance to win Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 2500.
  • Know the key actionable insights vital to make an informed decision when you buy your next smartphone.
  • You’ll be a major contributor to the study.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Each one of 6 lucky participants would receive Amazon Gift voucher worth Rs. 2,500 .
  • The prize draw winners will be selected at random after the specified closing date (30 September 2016). Winners will be notified by an Email or telephone within one month of the specified closing date.
  • If you are a winner, you may have to provide additional information (including, without limitation, proof of age or identity) and/or complete additional documents and return them to the company within a specified period. Failure to provide additional information and/or complete additional documents within the required time period or notification returned as undeliverable as addressed will result in your disqualification as a winner, and an alternative winner will be selected.
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