The Leaked Price of iPhone 7 Also Hints The End of 16GB Variant

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The rumours and speculations regarding the next iteration of iPhone seem to be unending. Recently, a leak on China’s social media website, Weibo, claims to have revealed the original price of iPhone 7 series – the upcoming successor of iPhone 6s. Though the prices of iPhone 7 are openly listed in Chinese Yuan currency, the claims lack a solid proof, therefore should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Here is the list of leaked price of iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 Pro, as mentioned on Weibo:

  • iPhone 7 32GB estimated price – CNY 5288 ($791.7)
  • iPhone 7 64GB estimated price – CNY 6088 ($911.4)
  • iPhone 7 256GB estimated price – CNY 7088 ($1061.19)
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB estimated price – CNY 6088 ($911.4)
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB estimated price – CNY 6888 ($1031.2)
  • iPhone 7 Plus 256GB estimated price – CNY 7888 ($1180.9)
  • iPhone 7 Pro 32GB estimated price – CNY 7088 ($1061.1)
  • iPhone 7 Pro 128GB estimated price – CNY 7888 ($1180.9)
  • iPhone 7 Pro 256GB estimated price – CNY 8882 ($1329.7)

The leaked prices look quite similar to the price of iPhone 6s 16GB variant around the world, but the interesting fact is that the leak shows the absence of 16GB variant, hinting Apple might discontinue 16GB variants with iPhone 7. Not many days ago Forbes reported that the Cupertino giant may slash $100 in its pricing strategy for upcoming iPhone 7.

The rumour mills are abuzz predicting the pricing strategy for Apple’s next iteration of iPhone amid to the disappointing second fiscal quarter in terms of revenues Apple had. If the leaked prices of iPhone 7 series are to believe then it’s safe to assume that Apple is looking to reform its pricing strategy. Well, whatever may be the case, one has to wait until September 2016 when the iPhone 7 would be officially announced and launched.

Interestingly, with such leaks, Apple may have to relook its Chinese policy and loyalty issues in China as the leak has come once again in China.

The constant tussle

China has been one of the Apple’s most favourite countries in the world due to the lion’s share of iPhone sales that take place in China. However, the scenario for Apple in China is becoming ugly due to the ongoing tug-of-war between Apple and Chinese government. The patent dispute leading to banning the iPhone 6 sales in Beijing and the constant tussle with the Chinese company to uplift the ban on Apple’s services department are some of the major hurdles put up by the authorities in China. And to make the situation worse for Apple clones of iPhone 7 are already up for grab in the Chinese market. These cloned iPhone 7 house a number of rumoured features like the dual camera of upcoming real iPhone 7.

The Cupertino giant, however, doesn’t want to leave any stones unturned to gain back its control over the China’s market. The company is so overwhelmed to recapture the Chinese smartphone market that it had invested a whopping $1 billion in a private taxi startup in China named, DiDi Chuxing.

The rumoured Price of iPhone 7: Game Changer

The upcoming masterpiece from Apple may contain some revolutionary features but currently, the tech pundits are least enthusiastic over the developments. Apple may omit 3.5 mm headphone jack in the next iPhone and replace it with a thinner Type C port and in turn, make the device thinner. The out design is slated to be similar to its predecessor iPhone 6s apart from some minute changes like redesigning the antenna bands. The iPhone 7 may also be waterproof. But the biggest surprise in iPhone 7 could come in a form of the absence of its flagship Home Button.

In spite of lukewarm response from a number of analysts, the Apple has ordered 72-78 million units to be manufactured by its suppliers.

The analysts are waiting for the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 and the rumours about the iPhone 8 are doing more rounds than upcoming iPhone 7 itself. The iPhone 8 is slated to be the best iPhone that Apple has ever made.

All said and done, at this time no one really knows what’s going to be the actual price of iPhone 7. We have no other option but to wait to see how good calculation Tim Cook & Team has done to make people fall for the next iteration of iPhone. But if the leaked price of iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 Pro are even close to the actual price, it will be a hell lot of celebration in the first fiscal quarter of 2017 in Cupertino office.

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