Apple WWDC 2016: A Quick Glance At New Announcements, Launches, Figures

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Apple appeared to be overly focused on its software segment in Worldwide Developer Conference. The Cupertino giant has announced revamping every aspect of its software segments: tvOS, watchOS, macOS (earlier OS X) and iOS. Siri is coming to Mac platform as well. Interacting with Apps on Apple TV and Apple watch will be even easier.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, at WWDC appeared quite enthralled by divulging that Apple’s App Store now boasts over 2 million apps. OS X has been renamed as macOS Sierra, the company’s naming convention for mac OS revolving around California natural landmarks. Siri is making its debut on macOS this fall, thus facilitating the users. Searching for files, switching between the files etc on Mac is much easier now.

Apple unveiled a new app for budding developers called ‘Swift Playgrounds’ that teaches basic coding in Swift language- the coding language that Apple uses to develop its Apps. Apple has incorporated Apple Pay over the web as well, now a user doesn’t need to waste time filling his card details instead he can now pay online using his watch or Phone through TouchID. Apple Home will incorporate one’s household connected devices at one place so one can easily access and toggle between the devices.


Apple watch has been a success for Apple in the past; the watch captured a sizeable 52.4% smartwatch market share in Q1 2016. The sales were not revealed by Apple but according to analysts, Apple sold around 12 to 13 million units of smartwatch during its first year of launch. Thus, the company is betting heavily on this segment.

Instant response of the apps on Apple’s watch has been boosted by seven folds according to Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Technology.

Scribble feature is now embedded in the new watchOS that allows its users to respond to the text messaged by scribbling and the feature also supports multiple languages including Chinese.

Apple has also developed a dock feature for its watchOS that will ease up switching between the apps, and a user can access it by side button on the watch. The most valuable feature in the OS is the SOS mode that allows instant access to the emergency services like 911 and also sends the exact location of the user to his/her selected contacts.

That watch will track the physical activities of the disabled users, instead of prompting them with ‘time to stand’ it will feature ‘time to roll’. Apart from that, a new health app called ‘Breathe’ is also instituted in the new OS which will monitor and prompt its users when to breathe heavily. The sharing feature is also incorporated in the new OS.

iOS 10

Android has dominated the mobile/tablet OS market globally over the years. iOS has only 23.1% OS market share worldwide as compared to its rival Android which has a whopping 70.85% share of the total mobile/tablet market globally. The iPhone behemoth in future would want to increase its market presence globally and the recent slump in iPhone sales has only added to the desperation of Apple.

Tilt to lock – iOS 10 has incorporated a new feature called ‘raise to wake’ that will allow hands-free screen lock. Swiping from left to right will lead the user to the widgets and swiping from right to left will open up the camera app, thus easing up the things for Apple users. Quick access bar now incorporated a new control centre for music as well.  The company has also enhanced its 3D touch feature, especially in the lock screen mode.

Apple has also announced a heartwarming news for developers as it opened the Siri platform for third-party developers. Just speak and your message will be posted on WeChat or send money via Alipay.


Apple is seriously aiming to strengthen its services department. tvOS is yet to celebrate its first anniversary, but Apple is revamping its strategies regarding the platform. The OS features over 6,000 apps and 1300 video channels containing over 650,000 movies and TV episodes. LiveTune In feature allows users to watch the live broadcast. A user has to sign in just once to use all the features of the platform.

Apple Music App

Apple Music, which has 15 million paid users now, will see a new design. Discovery Mix is a new feature that creates its own playlists daily.

Messaging App

The Cupertino giant has revamped its messaging app with state-of-the-art features like emojification that predicting the emoji from the text and incorporating it with a single touch. The new Bubble effect makes your text even larger. But the most interesting one is invisible ink that will make the messages concealed until a user taps on it. Besides all, handwriting allows handwritten messages and Fullscreen effect. On the flip side, the app is available for iOS users only for now.

Smart photo App

Apple seems to be ready to take on Google Photo App that creates photo stories, collages automatically. Photo App is much smarter and now incorporates face, object and scene recognition which in turn will seamlessly organise your photos.

Detailed Map

Maps are more detailed now featuring food joints, gas stations etc in its quick access menu. Apple has opened its maps platform for third-party developers as well. Booking a cab via Uber, finding nearest ATM etc will be a lot easier now.

Focusing on Apple News

Apple will infer the reading habits of its users and accordingly feed its users. The news app has 60 million active users worldwide. The app will also feature breaking news notification.

All Said And Done, Apple Misses As Well

The cutting-edge messaging app would have been a hit on Android platform as well but Apple decided otherwise. Peer-to-peer payments are the need of the hour for Apple Pay users.

Multi-user support for iOS devices has been a longing desire for users and still Apple has not looked into the segment. Apple has not announced any changes to its iTunes platform surprisingly.


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