5 Global Work Ethics Every Founder Must Bring to His Startup

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A lot of people think that if a company is successful, it has to do mainly with good leadership skills of the top management. While that may be true in some cases, what most tend to neglect is that any company is represented by its office culture and team members.

A strong work ethic that is deeply integrated into the culture of a successful company is no less important than good management or innovative ideas. The global work ethics can be represented by a whole variety of skill sets, but here are the most important ones that every company needs to make a part of their everyday life.


Discipline comes first and foremost, and it’s not just about getting to work on time. Many employees see nothing wrong about being late to the office for an hour or two if they can manage to keep up with their schedule.


What they fail to see, however, is that each time a team member is late to the office, misses a deadline or reschedules a meeting, a small crack is created in the overall behaviour of the whole company’s team and as time goes by, the crack widens.

Getting your employees organised and following the company’s rules may be a bit challenging, but remember, the Germans didn’t almost win WW2 because they got lucky. They simply had the most disciplined army in the world.

Though in contrast, some companies do not enforce the timings on their employees, but we must not forget those are the companies that have already scaled the growth, while startup a different ball-game from MNC culture.


This is one of the cornerstones of a company’s success. Just like in any other relationship, dishonesty can’t go on forever and will be uncovered sooner or later. Moreover, dishonesty creates gaps in communication, trust, respect, reliability and pretty much anything else that a company’s culture is made around.

With the ever rising popularity of the internet and more than 3 billion people being able to connect online, it becomes more and more important, to be honest in all your business endeavours, both with team members and in your work. Bad news spread lightning fast on the web, and if anything about your company’s dishonesty leaks into the web, it will be very, very hard to make people forget it.


Your employees need to be 100 percent honest with themselves, team members, customers and everybody else about their job and responsibilities. I would go as far as saying that if there is one thing that should be punished very strictly in any company, it is dishonesty.

Mistakes happen, no one is protected from them. But to take action and have a chance to set things right, team members need to communicate about their mistakes and the sooner, the better.

Supporting diversity

Another important thing is to create an atmosphere inside your team that would support cultural diversity. Hiring staff members that can speak more than one language is a great way to get things started on this matter. Try to hire people that speak a language that is often used in your country like German or Spanish for example.

Cultural diversity is an inseparable part of every successful business because diversity really matters. Different nationalities can bring different values to your company and help improve work processes, making them a lot smoother and goal oriented.


Each team member, no matter how important or insignificant his or her job is, needs to be reliable. Take dance squads for example. They practice for years on end to build up the trust and reliability with their partners so that they can perform the most amazing and risky moves on stage.

The same is also true for your company’s team. If they can’t rely on each other (everyone from CEO to janitor) and be sure that a certain part of the job will be completed on time unless aliens invade the planet, they won’t get too far with their work.

Focus on quality

Finally, if a company wants to achieve success, their top priority should always be the satisfaction of their clients. Client satisfaction is linearly connected to the level of quality your company provides with their product or service.

Surely, there is a lot more to client satisfaction than the quality of products, but it surely makes the top of the list. If the quality doesn’t cut it, the rest – customer service, social media engagement, warranties, communication, etc. – suddenly don’t matter much.

Work ethics resemble your company’s success from within. Without a high culture and proper attitude towards their job, no team will be able to achieve anything great, even with the best leaders and managers in the world.


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