5 Effective Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Websites

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Today’s business owners expect a website to be much more than just a place to find information about products and services. The rise of social media means website owners also want to tap into this huge pool of potential website visitors, business leads and customers. However, a basic website does not achieve this. You have to find ways to integrate social media into your web design. These are some of the most effective ways to do this.

Use a Platform that Makes It Easy to Integrate Social Media

Social media websites are the perfect tools to share your content and grow your audience. However, before you can do this, you need to be able to publish content on a reliable platform. It’s only then that you can really harness the power of social media.

Leading CMS and blogging platforms like WordPress let you publish content easily. A range of social add-ons or plugins are available for these platforms. These add-ons or plugins can be installed to make it easier to share content or let others know about a website content. While the creative resources, likes of social media marketers and website designers, are much easier and cost-effective in emerging markets, hiring a Sydney web designer to set up a website platform makes the process much more straight forward.

Add Easy-to-Use Social Media Share Buttons

Adding social media share buttons to a website is one of the most effective ways to integrate social media into your web design. These share buttons can be placed above, below or beside a web page, blog post or e-commerce product listing.

If a website visitor finds your content interesting and useful they simply click the appropriate share button. This shares your content with this person’s followers on the social media website they select. This is a quick and easy way to reach a large audience. These buttons can also include a counter which shows the number of times a web page or post was shared on certain social media websites.

Include Social Media Based Comment Systems

Websites are more interactive than ever before. Installing a social media based comment system lets a website owner display comments about content on their website. The people making these comments are logged into a social media website such as Facebook.

Let Visitors Login to a Website Using Social Media Logins

Some websites require a login to access certain content. The platform the system is running on has its own login system. However, you can also use one of your social media accounts to log-in to the same area of a website. If this feature is used, it means users have one less login to remember.

Add Social Media Feeds to Your Website

This is an excellent way to provide social proof to new website visitors. If you have active social media channels with a lot of friends and followers, display this on your website. These feeds can be tailored to include the details you want to display such as the number of followers you have, discussions and much more. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the social media websites that provide this option.

Social media has changed the way millions of people communicate with each other. It’s become an important way for businesses to interact with the outside world too. This means you need to integrate social media into your web design so that a website becomes a powerful business tool.


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