Google, Intel and TAG Heuer: The Collaboration for A Perfect Smartwatch

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Take the name of TAG Heuer and a vision of perfection moves past your eyes and Leonardo DiCaprio fills the canvas with his magnificent looks and an attitude that captures hearts. Sigh!

Perfection beats at the heart of TAG Heuer. With more than 150 years of expertise in creating the world’s best timepieces, TAG Heuer watches everywhere continue to work their magic on generation after generation of watch lovers. From models that gave us classics like the Carrera and Monaco series, excellence isn’t a word to bat around lightly but it’s the only one that fits when one it’s about TAG Heuer and its watches.

Now, the company has another surprise up its sleeve. March of this year, TAG Heuer, world leader in chronographs, astounded the world with news of its collaboration. And with not just one, but two, technology giants: Google – Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) – and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). Given the reputations of all three players involved, we can’t help but be super excited for what’s coming. Wareable says the much-awaited smartwatch is expected to sport Google’s trademark Android Wear technology. But what other surprises can watch aficionados look forward to?

Google Intel Tag Heuer Smartwatch: A Master Class in Design

While software and hardware will definitely be taken over by Google and Intel, respectively, design is expected to fall under TAG Heuer’s expertise. Precision-engineering and craftsmanship have long been associated with the brand. The result of this 3-way collaboration, as Silicon Valley expertise and Swiss workmanship come together, is expected to take TAG’s special affinity for giving the market exactly what it wants—whether it’s captivating class or a perfect spin on an old classic—even further. The only question that begs to be asked is the fusion of Android and mechanical. Since TAG Heuer has always been known for its mechanical watches, the addition of Google in the mix makes fans believe that the watch will be analogue in nature. How will this departure from the company’s traditional watches turn out? That’s the question lovers of TAG Heuer all the world over want an answer to. It won’t be long now until the company puts an end to the interminable wait. But meanwhile, all we can do is wait around with bated breath.

Name and Date

Set for an October or November release, the much-awaited TAG Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 will launch with a price tag of INR 92,897 (US$1,400). As the newest addition to the prestigious line-up of TAG Heuer watches on Ethos Watches and other leading watch boutiques, stores and online retailers can look forward to stocking up on the item before the year ends. If the date for the market release pushes through, some lucky ones will likely end up with a smart watch for the holidays.

Swiss-Made Labels

Despite TAG Heuer’s involvement, the model will not carry the prestigious ‘Swiss-made’ label. The heart of the device is the Intel processor. It won’t be manufactured in Switzerland, even though 80 percent of the value will come from that end. Legislation in Switzerland strictly keeps to the idea that any engine from outside of the country cannot be recognized as ‘Swiss made.’ However, labels or not, watch-lovers can expect the same precision and craftsmanship in design that has made TAG Heuer watches synonymous with breathtaking quality.

Battery Life

Wired says Intel is already looking to improve the battery technology of this newest addition to TAG Heuer’s line-up of impressive timepieces. Since battery issues are one of the biggest inefficiency issues that beset a ton of products in the wearables market today, innovation might just be the key to take the 3-way collaboration to the top of the smart watch market. With a battery life of 40 hours, TAG Heuer’s newest offering to the market is a serious step-up from the Apple Watch. Of course, 40 hours might not be as long, if you compare it with the company’s other mechanical watches. However, with smart features in play, users will be willing to trade that off to own TAG’s Android watch—the first of its kind ever released.

Techie Upgrades and Software

Among other things, watch enthusiasts can expect techie upgrades to come with the watch when the TAG Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 hits the market this year. That’s consistent with much of what’s available in wearable products today. It’s also great news for consumers who want to know if their TAG smart watches will come packed with technology that develops and improves with continuous growth. That way, users can enjoy the timeless design and tech refinements in the world’s first ever luxury smart watch to come out of production.

Software and Hardware Components

Google will most definitely be behind the software. TAG’s newest watch will also use a regular Android wear build. That means TAG Heuer admirers who want to get in on the technology will need to leave their iPhones behind. Intel’s involvement in the project means it’s highly possible that the CPU will be built out of the company’s technology.

Innovation on Many Levels

With Intel’s hardware, Google’s software and TAG Heuer’s timeless designs, the potential for mega-crowd pleasing potential is there. In addition, TechTimes says the addition of another powerful smart watch is sure to bring major improvements to the industry. With competition providing fuel to the fire, we can truly look forward to better smart watches in the future—from TAG Heuer and the rest of its competition in the market.

Stay tuned and there will be an update as soon as any further information leaks.


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