Happy Birthday Ferdinand Porsche: Thank You For Hyper-Luxury Driving Experience

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The man’s obsession for engineering resulted in the invention of the world’s first electric car. He also gave up his University education for his passion and interest in mechanics. He amazed his father by lighting his house with electric lamps aided with a complete electric circuit that resulted from his innovation. Though not present in person Ferdinand Porsche, Founder of Porsche AG – a german automobile manufacturing company specialised on sports and ultra-luxury cars, still thrives in our minds through his discoveries. On the occasion of his 140th birth anniversary, here are few less known facts about the legend.

Date of Birth: 3 September 1875

Died:  30 January 1951

  1. Ferdinand Porsche’s passion for electricity led him to Vienna and work as an apprentice in one of the electric firms in 1893. Though his father was a craftsmanship Ferdinand developed his interest into mechanics and electricity. Initially, he continued with father’s profession but later joined Liberec technical college to groom his interests.
  2. The first invention of Ferdinand Porsche was the hybrid electric car in 1899. He convinced Jacob Lohner, the owner of the Jacob Lohner & Company – which used to built horse-drawn carnage then – to build electric cars. With this invention, he entered into the World Exhibition at Paris in 1900. In the exhibition, he presented the electric Lohner-Porsche that presented a revolutionary solution for the then transportation glitches.
  3. Adolf Hitler, the German Chancellor, assigned a project to Ferdinand Porsche called “Volkswagen,” (or the People’s Car) in March 1933. Though, Hitler’s personal choice was a luxury Sedan, to fulfill his economic as well as the political agenda he foresaw the people’s car. It was the step towards a creation of a reliable German car. Ferdinand was praised as the Great German Engineer owing to his involvement in building Volksauto.
  4. Ferdinand Porsche passed through the tough time in 1946 when he was arrested following the World War II. He was released only after two years when a ransom of one million franc (US$171,000) was paid. His son, Ferry Porsche acted quickly to start a new company in 1947 to protect his father’s automotive firm. Ferry Porsche dreamt of keeping alive his father’s dream of owning an automotive company that started in 1900.
  5. It may be hard to believe that his son restarted operations of Porche in a dirt-floored sawmill. The determination to keep his father’s venture alive motivated Ferry to convert sawmill, the place where Porsche cars were manufactured between 1948 to 1951 from, into a car manufacturing unit.

“If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself.”

These lines by him signify his life story. Though 64 years passed after his demise he is remembered for his creations forever. The founding stone laid by him serves as a guide lamp for a lot more innovations till date and continues to serve. On this occasion of his 140th birthday, we take this as an opportunity to thank him for an awesome brand creation.

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