Nick Denton

Blog post is the quick reach of the day. Establishing one such blog network company with a huge reader community is awesome. Though, at times gossiping, news, scandal has been the entertaining factors of the portal Nick Denton through his online platform Gawker Media has been a buzzword and accumulated readers from all the walks of life. Starting the company in his apartment in Soho to transform it into a mammoth firm today is been an amazing journey.

Date of Birth: 24 August 1966

Net Worth: Unknown

Before getting into Financial Times as a journalist soon after college Nick Denton started freelancing for British newspapers in 1990s. Later in 2002 Gawker media took birth with only two blogs being and a gadget center. On the 49th birth anniversary of Nick Denton here are few less known facts about the internet entrepreneur and the founder of Gawker Media.

  1. With a tag line “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news,” Gawker Media group has 64,000,000 US readers monthly along with about few millions of followers and fans on the social media. As of 2014 Gawker has 105 million unique visitors per month across the multiple networks. The blog is been a collective platform showcasing everything from wicked to biggest under the sun. Moreover, the blog stands to be one of the most valuable online networks.
  2. Nick Denton recently told about adding some humanity to his gossip site and apparently rename it. With this development, the site is on the verge of starting a new era with marking the end of the site as a gossip site. The transformation followed the resignation of the senior editorial staff from the online media company.
  3. Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jalopnik, io9 (the science fiction blog), DeadSpin (the sports blog), Kotaku (the gaming blog), Jezebel, and Jalopnik are the different weblogs owned by Gizmodo and Lifehacker have been the largest sites of Gawker Media. Denton told “[b]logs are likely to be better for readers than for capitalists. While I love the medium, I’ve always been skeptical about the value of blogs as businesses” by these words he expressed his interest in writing the blogs and not intended for making profits.
  4. He started the Gawker Media in 2002 in his apartment his father Geoffrey R. Denton being an eminent economist, Nick Denton took up Economics, Philosophy, and Politics as his subjects of study at the University College, Oxford and started his career as a journalist.
  5. Amidst the controversy and a hard phase the blog is facing owing to the resignation of senior editorial staff, Nick Denton remains to be a winner by transforming a tide into a winning wave of public relations. Apart from too many merits and demerits Gawker Media has a large pool of readers and have made it a thumping success.

“Forget about someone’s resume or how they present themselves at a party. Can they blog or not? The blog doesn’t lie.”

These lines of the enthusiastic blogger depict his keen interest in writing and desire to be in the blogging business and nonetheless his reliability on blogs. On his birthday let us wish him successful blogging years ahead.