Will I Lose Anything with an Upgrade to Windows 10 OS ?

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Windows 10 is the newest version of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system, and this revolutionary platform is free to Windows users for a full year. You can upgrade to Windows 10 OS, available at this link to all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users whose devices meet the minimum system requirements. But not all older programs and utilities are directly compatible with this advanced new operating system.

Windows 10 Compatibility Report

At the beginning of the Windows 10 installation process, your computer will generate a Compatibility Report to alert you to any potential issues that may result from the upgrade. You’ll be able to view a detailed list of applications, device drivers and other resources that may be negatively impacted by the upgrade, and this list of compatibility issues is continually updated as Microsoft continues its Windows 10 rollout.

Data Security

While most Windows 10 upgrade procedures go without incident, backing up your data is a good idea in case critical issues interrupt the process. Important programs, documents and other data should be copied to a secure external drive before starting the installation process. Backing up your data before installing Windows 10 also helps ensure that your application settings are properly migrated to the new platform.

Redundancy and Relevance Check

Part of Windows 10 installation is an anti-overlap scan programmed to filter out obsolete programs that already exist on the new platform. Subscription-based utilities such as media players and anti-virus programs will be uninstalled and replaced with their Windows-based equivalents, while manufacturer utilities associated pre-loaded your computer will also be updated to reflect the latest versions.

Compatibility Mode

While not all programs and resources will migrate directly to Windows 10, the vast majority will retain some usability thanks to its Compatibility Mode feature. Compatibility Mode effectively runs a program as if it was opened in its native version of Windows, ensuring wide-scale compatibility with important application that would otherwise be incompatible with Windows 10. Compatibility Mode options for a given utility can also be accessed through its Properties menu.

The release of Windows 10 has created significant buzz as existing Windows owners look to upgrade their devices to the latest version of the Windows experience. Microsoft has taken a special focus on making the transition as smooth as possible, and so all but the most outdated applications and devices will retain some level of functionality with Windows 10.


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