Canada Crowned As The Most Reputable Country of 2015

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According to the Annual Country RepTrak report from Reputation Institute, Canada is crowned once again as the world’s most reputed country at 78.1* reputation score followed by Norway (77.1) and Sweden (76.6). Last year’s winner Switzerland fell 3 positions to a close fourth at a score of 76.4. The 2015 winner Canada had held the top position consecutively in 2011, 2012 and 2013 only to lose to Switzerland in 2014. The Online study of reputation was conducted on 55 countries selected based on their GDP according to IMF. The bottom of the list was occupied by Nigeria at 36.3, Russia at 35.1, Pakistan at 31.5, Iran at 29.8 & Iraq at 22.5. India stands in 33rd position at 52.7. The global mean being at 56.3.

The report identified Asian Countries to have gained better reputation score in 2015 (from their scores in 2014) with Egypt (+11.6%), Iran (+10.8%), China (+7.9%) and India & Taiwan (+7.4%). At the same time, countries who lost their reputation score from last year are Qatar (-7.2%), Russia & South Africa (-3.2%), Ukraine (-2.8%) and Brazil (-2.4%). Russia’s crisis with Ukraine has cost both a fall in their reputation.

Though the above results are identified as external reputation i.e. perceptions of people who are would like to engage with that country, the report also identifies internal reputation (or Self-Image ratings) for countries i.e. perceptions of citizens of that country. With respect to Internal Reputation, Australia claims the first place at 90.1 followed by Canada at 84.3 and Russia at 82.3. The global mean of an internal reputation being at 68.3.


How is the Country Reputation Calculated?

The country reputation is calculated based on 3 key dimensions viz. advanced economy (level of development), appealing environment (quality of life) and an effective government (quality of its institutions). However each dimension is sub divided into multiple factors that define the dimension.

Factors identifying the Advanced Economy dimension

  • High quality products and services
  • Well-known brands
  • Culture
  • Well educated and reliable workforce
  • Values Education
  • Technology

Factors identifying the Appealing Environment dimension

  • Beautiful Country
  • Enjoyable Country
  • Appealing Lifestyle
  • Friendly & Welcoming People

Factors identifying the Effective Government dimension

  • Business Environment
  • Institutional Environment
  • Social & Economic Policies
  • International Participation
  • Safety
  • Efficient use of public resources
  • Ethical country


Why is the Country Reputation Important?

A country reputation is an emotional perception constructed through experience, communication, perspectives and accepted stereotypes. It has a great impact on their performance. Just like companies, they play a great role in attracting opportunities and the growth of the economy. The following are the impact of a reputed country.

  • They welcome more tourists.
  • They attract good FDI.
  • Improves public diplomacy
  • Increased exports
  • Attract good foreign knowledge and talent

Where does India Stand?

India stands at 33rd position to close at 52.7 which is 7.4% growth from last year’s 49.0 which was a dip from 2013 at 50.7 (-3.4%). However, the internal reputation of the country stands high in fourth position at 81.7. With new initiatives from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it offers many opportunities to people outside India to perceive India as a better place to be. With this pace, India could result in a much better position in the coming years.

* All scores are calculated on a scale of 0-100 with a difference among scores of ±1.4 points with a 95% level of confidence.


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