Happy Birthday Travis Kalanick: The Man Behind The World’s Most Valued Startup, Uber !

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The perception of a platform that caters the needy with the essential services and reinventing it into a reality is amazing. With sales being a primary focus as a young boy, he excelled in marketing Cutco knives as a door-to-door salesman. At the age of 18 years, Travis Cordell Kalanick came up with his venture named New Way Academy a tutoring firm. He loved mathematics and devised easy means to get through the calculations in lesser time. These calculations and analysis helped him comprehend the wait time of the commuters for a taxi in San Francisco and to eliminate this he came up with the innovative concept of Uber – world’s highest-valued startup at $72 billion now.

Date of Birth: August 6, 1976

Net Worth: $4.8 Billion (as of March 2018)


Uber Technologies evolved in 2009 with the duo Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp co-founding the venture. It is a simple mobile application that enables the riders to access the ride by a simple booking through this application. Uber now has widespread across 300 cities in 58 countries.  Though he is termed to controversial at times and Uber also is facing opposition he stands to be the outstanding entrepreneur to make Uber worthy of whooping $41.2 billion with raising $4 from the investors. On this day the entrepreneur was born before 39 years, to make this occasion a memorable one it is a small endeavour to unleash some of the interesting yet less known facts about the co-founder.

1. Being a dropout from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1998, he started off along with his schoolmates to co-found Scour Inc, a multimedia search engine. It is one of the early peer-to-peer file exchange services. Owing to bankruptcy the firm shut its operations in the September of the same year. Failure never is the end with this motive the futurist took up his new project called Red Swoosh in 2001 on the same lines of the prior project. The project, however, was acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2007 for $19 million. The two ventures ended up as futile. He nicknamed himself to be the “non-luckiest entrepreneur of the year,” in one of his public addresses and recreated the past in a jesty manner.

2. His area of operation includes transportation, consumer internet, and enterprise content delivery. Uber, it calls itself to be the “Everyone’s Private Driver,” have blended the business innovation with disruptive technology to meet the urban commute challenges. Uber follows a three employee policy in every city it operates. Only through three executives, the service is operational all over the city.

3. Uber bought in a unique culture of rating users. Though there are a number of early apps requesting for a feedback from the customer, this stands out to be a unique feature allowing the drivers to rate the customers. The customer with the least rating is less preferred by the drivers owing to a long wait. On June 3, 2015, to grace the occasion of five years anniversary of Uber Travis Kalanick CEO and co-founder delivered a special address to employees he stated the driver partners to be the heart and soul of the company. Drivers at Uber enjoy liberty and Uber no more abide by the antique clock policy of drivers and holding them for long. He accredits the successful voyage of five years to the contribution of drivers.


4. The co-founder has 14 investments spread over 10 companies. He also owns 8-10% of Uber equity it approximately amounts to $1.4 to $1.8 billion presuming common stock ownership.


5. Travis Kalanick also has a rare distinction of being one of the most successful CEOs of the country. Though he was counteracting some issues regarding the customer safety and was banned in most of the countries including Spain and India (temporarily banned) in 2015, he successfully led the broader business war. One of the controversial features of Uber in the US is that anybody with or without an authentication can sign in as a driver on the app and take the business lead. It is turned out to be a threat to the New York’s taxi service. However, in India, the feature is not accessible and drivers commercially registered can take up the task.

In 2016, he got listed in America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40, by Forbes. Consistency and perseverance are the keys to the success of the entrepreneur.  In his words “As an entrepreneur, I try to push the limits. Pedal to the metal” signifies his commitment towards attaining his goal of giving a better version of commutation.


  1. Imagine all the people, driving or riding for Uber…..
    Then travis kalaDick shall run presidency for 2016.


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