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The internet has changed the way businesses operate. One very important piece of business that has been altered forever is the hiring process. More and more companies are utilizing the internet to find candidates to fill openings, therefore it is very important to make online resume. While job hunters are accustomed to the general rules of the paper resume, which existed for decades, the digital version of the document is largely the same, but with a few notable changes. While not everyone will have something as extensive as Pete Briger, every job seeker can follow a few tips to easily get their online resume taken to the next level.

Use the Biography

Whenever biography or summary entries are allowed, job seekers should take full advantage of these short entries. Conveying relevant experience, highlighting accomplishments, and mentioning skills is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the document. Putting together a short and concise couple of paragraphs that tells the employment history of the candidate is a simple process that can help the resume jump out from the pack.

Focus on Appearance

Just like a traditional paper resume, digital documents can look great as well. While including information is important, job seekers should also keep in mind that the appearance of the online resume is equally important. The page should be friendly to ready and entice the reader to completely evaluate the information presented.



Few things are as frustrating to human resources professionals as misspelled words or incorrectly utilized words. Taking a few minutes to proofread the resume before hitting the submit or publish button can be crucial to uncovering any potentially glaring errors. In addition, having another person check the document is a great way to double check for any issues.

Complete the Fields

Online resume services exist for a particular reason, and all the fields that allow data entry should be utilized. Bypassing a chance to reinforce a relevant skill because it has already been mentioned somewhere else on the page is not desirable. Job seekers need to take advantage of the chance to present themselves in a friendly and organized manner, and the process starts with completing the online resume completely.

Highlight Skills

Whenever possible, job seekers should highlight relevant skills on the digital document. Work history, education, and accomplishments are all important elements of a resume, but skills are equally as important. Mentioning specific skills used to achieve a certain level of employment is just one way to work talents into the document.

In the end, online resumes have become a popular way for companies to locate candidates for virtually any job opening. Job seekers that take the time to focus on the appearance of the resume, complete it entirely, highlight relevant skills, and write a compelling biography can present a complete picture of themselves to potential employers. There is no magic formula for writing a resume, but paying attention to the fields and putting in some effort are key ingredients in the formula of success.


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