Charlie Cheever

Old wine in a new bottle appeals a lot more eyes and attracts high scores. With reorganizing things in a presentable manner within the same old framework kick starts a new beginning. In the young age of 33 years creating a knowledge engagement forum for the users to indulge in an interactive session is an amazing achievement of Charlie Cheever. Though the Q&A (Question and Answer) sites are no more new on World Wide Web not all have served the readers with the best stuff. Sensing the void, Charlie Cheever created “Quora” in June 2009 along with Adam D’Angelo to cater readers with convincing answers.

Date of Birth: August 2, 1981

Net Worth: Unknown, About $500 million+ (Calculated in In January 2015)

On the occasion of Charlie Cheever’s 34th birthday, it is a small endeavor to revisit some of the interesting yet less known facts about him.

1. Prior working on Quora Charlie Cheever was a part of the social network giant Facebook between 2006 and 2009. When he initially received the offer from Facebook he was not convinced about the idea of online social networking platform and working under his junior, Mark Zuckerberg, from Harvard. Later in October 2005 Facebook captured his interest and in early 2006 he joined Mark Zuckerberg. Cheever as manager and engineer supervised the Facebook connect and Facebook platform and added some best features like News Feed and Notifications. Apart from these features, Lolbunny a Phyton platform remained to be one of the greatest contribution used by every engineer till date in Facebook

2. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Cheever graduated from Harvard College employed in at Seattle soon after graduation. In one of his interviews, Cheever stated that Harvard has been the place for ambitious people and the history records the names of Presidents, industrial stewards, and visionaries being part of Harvard. By virtue of being a part of this University a sense of responsibility surrounds him motivating to climb up the ladder.

3. Quality has been the key to the success of Quora. The management and quality of answers on the forum made all the difference. Moreover, its popularity among the tech crowd served it a long way. Soon the portal attracted investors and it received $11 million from Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler a former Facebook executive in the first round of funding later he made into the company’s board. In the initial days, the two founders kept quiet about the revenue model of the firm however, Cheever in one of his interviews hinted as to he took care of advertising nonetheless the primary interest is to gather quality set of questions and answers. Quora also employs PageRank-like algorithm to rank the answers on the question page.

4. Besides a lot of technical stuff in mind, Cheever loves sports both to watch and play. He admits that aerobics is necessary to keep him focused and to get the best out of his work. Football and Skiing are his favorite sports and at times he also has run few marathons.

5. Charlie Cheever also has been a shrewd investor and actively involves in the share market to reap profits. In the last two years, he has made a seed investment totaling $18 million+ in 17 startups. Besides, he also participated in a Series A investment round and injected $10 million in a San Francisco based online home-selling service startup Opendoor.

6. In September 2012, Charlie Cheever suddenly decided to step down as a CEO of Quora. While Adam D’Angelo was trying his best to convince the world about his departure, barely there were few who were buying the theory put by Adam behind Charlie’s mysterious exit, especially when the platform was growing leaps and bounds.

This young engineer with his technical know-how has lots to contribute. With his innovative thinking and technicality the society is expecting to witness a lot more achievements from his end. Also, he stands to be the motivational figure for the budding engineers.

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