Hats off “Missile Man” Of India, APJ Abdul Kalam: You Remain Forever In our Hearts

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An era of missiles, rocket science, innovation, research, and imparting scientific know-how to the toddlers did come to an end on July 27, 2015. With power-packed words resembling missiles when thrown away on the target audience the whole session was mesmerized, provoked, and motivated to aim higher and achieve bigger. The orator who presented such spellbound engagements remains no more with us today. Yes, indeed the demise of the former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is mourned by the entire nation. On this juncture of the sad moment of missing the “Missile Man” here are some less known facts from the life pages of this legendary to help us remain motivated forever.

  1. Born into a poor boat building family in Rameswaram, as a child he always was inspired by Science as a subject and his science teacher Mr. Shivasubramanian Iyer. One fine day a bird sketch on the black board inspired the little boy Kalam at school to take up aviation as his career. His science mentor Mr. Shivasubramaniam Iyer after a futile classroom session on bird’s flight took the whole class to the seashore to witness the birds flying. The sight of the birds excited the young boy Kalam to fly high and consulted his mentor immediately on how to pursue flying as a career.
  2. Unfortunately, his endeavor to become a pilot remained incomplete as he stood in the tenth place in the entry level while there were only nine places open. Fortunately, India witnessed a remarkable epoch as he took up aeronautical engineering and later few decades down the line achieving the highest honor and serving the nation as the President.
  3. Though, underwent monetary pressure to complete graduation from Madras Institute of Technology he successfully earned it in the year 1960, owing to family support. Soon after this, he joined Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to design helicopters. Being a sophisticated and defense aiding organization, the security of the building was on high priority. When discussing with the team regarding security, he was advised to place some broken glass pieces on the compound wall. But, Kalam readily rejected stating that birds may not be able to a light on the wall and also it may harm them.
  4. Seldom are the combination of simplicity, philanthropy, and scientific insight are found. APJ Abdul Kalam is one among them. This unique dignitary has received lots for his credit. He was honored Bharat Ratna by Government of India in 1997. As an author, he always envisioned India as a superpower and penned a lot of works that aids human race for ages to come.
  5. Once ascending the President position he learned that his expenses will be borne by Government of India for the lifetime, following this he wished to give away his savings and wealth during his Presidency tenure. He was interested in utilizing the funds to facilitate rural population with urban amenities (PURA). Before proceeding with the development, he consulted Dr. Verghese Kurien the founder of Amul to help him with the decision.
  6. Vision for the nation to evolve a Sustainable economy,” remained the dream of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam till date. He always wished to see a smile on the billions of faces in the nation. Parliamentary vision is been the key to attaining sustainable economy without involving foreign countries rather indulging in proactive policies to accomplish overall growth stated Kalam in one of the interviews.
  7. As a wonderful work master when one of his subordinates approached him for permission to leave few hours early to take his children for an exhibition, he granted him permission. But, when the subordinate involved in his task, he forgot and lost the track of time, the sensible master reached his home and took his children to the carnival making the subordinate happy.

A visionary born on 15 October 1931 will remain forever in the hearts and minds of the people of the nation. He was a living legend and has left behind many things that keep the youth of the nation intact and progress in the right direction. However, his thoughts, deeds, and writings provoke everybody to utilize their talent to the fullest and evolve themselves as unique. Hence, the era of scientific innovation thrives and continues to flourish.


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