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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported revenue of up to $48 billion in the second fiscal quarter this year and is poised to expand its reach into the entertainment industry. The company is rapidly introducing new updates across its multiple entertainment products from Apple Music to Apple News. Why the push for more ways to consume entertainment? speculated that Apple’s end goal is to bolster its entertainment services to develop and sell more hardware. Apple enthusiasts and new converts will need to up their hardware and devices to fully enjoy exclusive content on Apple TV, newly released albums on iTunes and new collaborations with the likes of Beats.

Apple Music

In 2014, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion. The new Beats music relies on human curation and interaction as opposed to bigger and better systems analyzing data by a computer. The idea is users can find music based on what sounds good to them and their personal interests as opposed to what a computer matches to their favorite artists.

Unlike most streaming music companies, Apple didn’t just pick engineers to redesign their music app. Instead the recruited music industry giants like Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor, Jimmy lovine, and Beats co-founder Dr. Dre to play a role in redesigning Apple’s music app. At the time of Apple Music’s relaunch, those with existing Beats Music subscriptions can easily move over to the new platform along with their playlists and library.


Apple TV

The anticipated Apple TV 4 is poised for an overhaul complete with a new design and remote with a touchpad to navigate through its interface. It’s also expected to have its own Apple TV apps created from 3rd party developers. Instead of painfully typing the names of shows and music into a remote, its enhanced Siri capabilities will allow more convenient voice search options. Apple TV is eyeing an expansion into live TV streaming with the ability to watch network TV for a flat monthly fee.

Apple News

The new Apple News launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia and will replace Newsstand. News brings worldwide content from global publishers and can monitor what its users like to read and find relevant content to browse. Users can also choose how they want to display their articles and personalize their feeds with specific content. The fullscreen interface makes it easy to enjoy photos and videos that are pre-built directly into the articles.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is often compared to wearing small iPhone on your wrist. It has the ability to do most things your smartphone can do like check email, send texts and take phone calls. Siri can also help you surf the web and look up needed information like your iPhone can do. Apple Watch could further revolutionize how we consume entertainment with the ability to take videos on the go and instantly connect with music fans during a live concert.

An 18-hour battery life means Apple Watch works mostly around the clock to use for phone calls, monitor your workout or listen to music during your day-to-day. The real convenience of an Apple Watch lies in the ability to check important messages and updates by simply looking down without digging out your iPhone or typing in your security code.


Apple’s latest iTunes update offers users a free subscription service for three months of music streaming like Beats 1 global live radio service. But one of its most anticipated features is the new Connect social network. The service aims to connect users with artists and through photos, music videos and the ability to comment and interact.



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