Apple May Announce iPhone 6S On September 19th 2015 [RUMOR]

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As we have already headed into the third quarter of 2015, rumors about Apple iPhone 6S have started making rounds on the internet. Citing the internal Vodafone email, which is leaked now, inquisitor is claiming that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is all set to announce the new iPhone on September 18. But this is not the only date we are hearing now for iPhone 6S launch; for over a month now, different sources have claimed different dates, but there is one thing common in all such claims – Apple will launch iPhone 6S sometime in coming September.

The Vodafone email is apparently a legit piece of information; it carries the extensive information on pre-launch, pre-order, and launch period for Apple iPhone 6S. In the email September 25, 2015, is marked as the release date of Apple iPhone 6S.

However, few other rumors talk about the launch of iPhone 6S a week earlier than the above rumor. M.I.C Gadget is citing sources of Foxconn – Apple’s largest OEM for iPhone – to claim September 11 as the announcement date of iPhone 6S and the launch on the following Friday, September 18th 2015. The claim, however, looks weak as it is difficult to believe that the Cupertino-based company will select a day when the whole US would be mourning and remembering the loved ones killed in the dreadful attack.


We are considering this information with a pinch of salt now, as the email is yet to be authenticated by Vodafone authorities. Due to the advent of many new technologies, a person can send an email from anyone’s email ID to anyone, using various mail components. Though, many email servers have implemented to filters such illegitimate tools, still the possibility cannot be ruled out.

This year, Apple is expected to introduce new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with many upgraded features. Improved battery performance, 12-MP camera, and Wireless charging are the most seeking ones.

According to few other rumors, Apple is planning to ditch the physical finger scan button in the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Instead, the company is expected to introduce new Force Touch Display technology, which is helpful for users to have a wide array of ways to interact with device’s display, depends on how firmly they press it.

If introduced, 12-MP camera of upcoming iPhone will allow users to shoot 4K videos and 240 frames-per-second slow-mo videos too.

Apple is yet to announce its third-quarter, ended on June 30, result. But, in its first two fiscal quarters, the company had sold a record 135.7 million units of iPhones. We have estimated that Apple would sell nearly total 230 million units of iPhones in its fiscal 2015 (Oct 2014 – Sep 2015). This is whopping 35% more than what Apple sold in its last fiscal year.


Of course, at this time all are rumors and estimation and we really don’t know what is cooking at Foxconn factory in China. Apple doesn’t verify such claims and as we will head into mid of August, things would be clearer. Quite unlikely we will see any change in design or size, most of the upgrade and new additions would be under the hood. Having said that, Apple is known for surprises and don’t be surprised if you see a completely new iPhone 6S, altogether.

Here is a list of top 10 features users are willing to see in the next iPhone. And, if you have not selected the top three features you want in iPhone 6S, don’t miss a chance to cast your vote in favour.

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