Why Is Google’s Upcoming Campus In Hyderabad The Talk Of The Town ?

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India’s HITECH City is all set to be the first in the country to have a Google Campus spread over 7-acre at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Setting up its own biggest campus outside US, Google will be investing around INR 1,000 crore ($167 million) for the building with plans to double the number of Googlers from the current 6,500 employees to 13,000 employees by 2019.

Telangana IT Minister, K T Rama Rao officiated the news by tweeting about the MoU inked between Google’s global head (facilities and workplaces) David Radcliffe and KTR. These are not the first steps of Google operations in India. In fact, Google already has four offices in the country at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai which aren’t owned by the tech giant but leased. However, the new campus at Gachibowli, Hyderabad will be Google’s first own building in India with the help and support from Telangana Government.

A Golden Opportunity for Indian IT Professionals

Google is a tech giant that rules the internet today.Because of its work culture and unique office setups, working at Google is a dream for many fresh grads as well as experienced professionals all around the globe. With the new Google campus being set in Hyderabad, many IT professionals and fresh grads can grab the opportunity to work at Google. Many professionals in India shy away from applying for jobs at companies like Google, after overhyping their selection criteria.


Applying for a job at Google is different at many levels when compared to other tech companies, however, it’s not a rocket science either. The reason for being skeptical about applying for a job at Google is the fact that Google hires only 0.2% of its applicants which is very low for sure, but when you consider another fact that the tech giant receives 2 million job applications every year, you won’t be feeling any more disappointed.

There’s always an opportunity for new employees at Google every year, but the competition for those positions are too high. Now, with the company planning to spread its wings in India by doubling the headcount in Hyderabad, new doors of opportunities have sprung open for Indian professionals.

Still the road to get hired by Google won’t be easy, but you can prepare yourself by following the tips provided by Google’s hiring chief, Laszlo Bock below:

  • Don’t make typo errors on your CV as your applications will be tossed off if the recruiters find typical errors on your resume. Also, make sure to keep it short, clean and legible.
  • While displaying your achievements be thorough about what you accomplished at your previous jobs.
  • Don’t worry about brainteasers as Google recruiters find it ridiculous.
  • Focus on behavioral questions which are designed to assess your past experience and skill set.

Will the road from down here be smooth for Google?

This is not the first time that Google has tried to set up its own campus in India. Earlier in 2007, Google was allocated 20 acres of land at Kokapet in Andhra Pradesh (Telangana wasn’t separated as an independent State then) but it didn’t kick off because of some legal hurdles that came along the way.

Again in 2013, when the City of Nizams was under Andhra Pradesh, the Government allocated another piece of land at Raidurg locality in Hyderabad but this didn’t take off either. Finally when Telangana government came into power, they started aiming to develop Hyderabad as an investor-friendly hub for businesses all over the globe to develop the infrastructure, facilities as well as job opportunities in the city.


After getting a positive node from the Telangana Government, David Radcliffe, Google’s global head for facilities and work, shared some information regarding Google’s plans of setting up the fully functional campus by the summer of 2019. The construction of the campus will begin in 2016 after a span of 12 months in-depth planning.

Great for India and its economy…

This highly anticipated Google Campus in Hyderabad won’t just create thousands of new jobs in India, but it will also help boost the country’s economy. An investment of INR 1,000 crore for developing the campus is just a start. According to a recent interview of Amit Singh, Google’s enterprise business head, Google has plans to double its business in the country every year.

Google is eying to grab opportunities that come along the way with the booming startup culture in India. The country boasts of being one of the largest hubs of Android users, Google is seeking an opportunity to expand into the mobile industry along with promoting cloud technology in the country. Once the largest Google Campus outside US is fully operational in Hyderabad, India, Google could have better grip over the Indian market helping small business and enterprises to flourish using their state of the art technologies such as Google Apps, Cloud Computing, etc.

Besides setting up the campus, Telangana Government has also discussed with Google about the scope of Google Fiber in the state. If everything goes well, Hyderabad may once again become the first city of India to be fully equipped with Google Fiber which is actually the search engine giant’s optical fibre-based super-fast broadband service.

In addition to that, there are also talks going on between Google and the Telangana Government where KTR met with Google’s Street View team and agreed upon making Hyderabad, the first Indian city to be fully covered by “Street View” once they get the green signal from the Union Ministry of India. Later on, Street View will be spread across other major cities and towns in Telangana.


  1. Indian123321 It will as the project is given the green signal by Telangana Government already and the land is allotted too…


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