Awesome Free YouTube Tools To Make Your Videos Interactive And Engaging [INFOGRAPHIC]

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YouTube, one of the most popular video streaming platform, has more than 1 billion users. How do you keep them engaged?

An attractive video always wins over plain text on social media, because you like what you perceive – the colours, music, animation- they have the power to keep you glued to the screens, whether you are accessing YouTube from your smartphones or desktop or laptop. You laugh, blush, cry along with a video, resonating the emotions you see.

To make your videos more interactive and awesome, YouTube provides a host of tools for its users. Social Media Today recently published an infographic detailing on few of the awesome free tools that YouTube offers to its users.


Tools to BUILD:

  • Creator Hub: Resource center for programs, guides, support, and audience.
  • Video Slideshow: Upload your images and schedule its sliding along with text annotations.
  • Capture: Perfect for micro-video. It allows quick uploads along with automatic edits and enhancement.
  • Space: For a significant amount of content, Space is helpful.

Tools to Polish:

  • Background music: A video without music is boring. Use this tool to search and add licensed music.
  • Captions: Add texts seamlessly.
  • Annotations: Redirect your viewers to your business page via annotations. In 2013, MarketingExperiments’ channel saw a 76% gain in number of views and subscription by adding annotations.
  • Basic Editing tools: Enhance your video with various effects like slow motion, colour filters, etc.

Put to Work Tools:

  • Analytics: Without analytics, it is hard to understand what will work and what will not. Get a detailed overview of locations, demographics, devices, etc. YouTube has 6 billion hours of video-watching. Calculate how much share comes from your audience.
  • Reputation Tool: Know how you fare among your audience. Enhance your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: Keyword analysis is an integral part of Social Media. It is a sure-shot way to help your users find your videos.
  • Privacy Settings: Decide whether you want to make your video available for public search or limit to only those who have access to the link.
  • Content ID: Take care of copyright issues from day 1. It checks 16 years of video every hour with more than 5000 partners. Over 25 million reference files are stored in the database.

Support Tools:

  • Next Creator: Train yourself to do more on YouTube.
  • On The Rise: Monthly promotional program for raising YouTube partners.
  • Creator Academy: Learn and boost your YouTube skills for free.



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