Google Inc. (GOOGL) Plans To Control Your Mobile Network After Handset !

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Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is reportedly working on a deal with T-Mobile and Sprint to offer mobile network plans to mobile phone users. This could be a major breakthrough for Google, especially, considering the fact that the company already controls over 75% of smartphone market via Android OS. By adding network plans to Android customers, Google could easily strengthen its position in mobile network market vis-à-vis customer data.

According to The Information, Google could introduce the new service later this year. Codenamed “Nova,” the service allow Google to act as MVNO, or Virtual Mobile Network Provider, they say. The longtime Google executive, Nick Fox, leads the project. It’s also being reported that the service was scheduled to go live in the fall and some of the Google executives are already testing it in Mountain View office.

While it’s not yet clear if Google is going to bundle it with its Nexus line of smartphones, but if it does, it will have to subsidize the device further. However, by offering a complete mobile package starting from network to handset to mobile OS, Google is trying to provide a seamless experience to Google products users. Besides, this will also help Google to capture more information about the users network usage and could load his phone with his personalized apps/services requirement remotely. Eventually, this will create a new avenue for Google to load users with more targeted ads and see its revenue from advertising soaring.


Industry analysts believe that this will benefit users who would buy smartphone along with voice & data plan from Google as the company is reportedly negotiating hard with both the network providers on the bulk buy strategy. But, on the other hand, there are many who feel that people are exposing themselves too much to Google. And, this could be dangerous, considering a company, which already leads in browser and smartphone market, and records billions of users’ data now will also have an in-depth access to mobile and Internet users. Besides mobile network, the company is also working on Project Loon to provide the internet access to million of people across the world.



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