Best Time And Days To Post On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Or Google+

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More than 2 billion Internet users are available on online social media networks for brands to target. However, in the absence of right intelligence and insights, most of the social media marketers fail to optimize their efforts to generate the optimum results for their clients. One of the important insights about social media marketing is the time and day when these marketers must be active on various channels and make sure the best of their brands go out at that identified time.

QuickSprout has compiled these insights and statistics from various studies, but are definitely worth looking and implementing.

For most of the brands, which find their targeted customers on Facebook, Thursday and Friday are the perfect days to be aggressive. In a combination of this, running campaigns and triggering marketing activities between 1 Pm and 3 PM could result in a maximum number of shares and clicks to their Facebook posts. The study explains that opening days of a week – Monday to Wednesday – are generally too stressful and committed for working professionals. Consequently, engagement rate falls 3.5% on these days. As weekend approaches, they feel more relaxed, and happiness sentiments are high. Therefore, they feel more relaxed and spend more and time and pay more attention to Facebook posts and updates.

On Twitter, the game of social media marketing is an entirely different than Facebook. Segregating the tweets in two buckets, B2B and B2C, the study claims weekdays are the best performing days for brands, which offer B2B products or services. In contrast, for brands, which are indulged in B2C market, Weekend and Wednesday get them higher returns on their social media marketing efforts. Considering Twitter as a micro-blogging platform and generally driven by mobile users, evening 5 PM to 6 PM is identified as the best time to get retweets and clicks.

Professional networking site LinkedIn may not be that popular among general Internet users, but if you have gone anything to do with CXO community or the business executives, who don’t tend to login to Facebook or Twitter, then LinkedIn must be your target. It is probably the only network that offers engagement on weekdays. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday being the most performing days on LinkedIn, pre-office hours and post office hours are the best time when you could seek some engagement from LinkedIn.

Google+ is the only network that is apparently aligned with the working days and time. From Monday to Friday between 9 Am and 11 PM is the time when marketers pay attention to Google+ for some quality returns and engagement.

The Infographic also contains insights and statistics about Instagram and Pinterest, useful for social media marketers who are focusing on photo sharing and promotion.

best time to post on facebook

Actionable Insights:

  • Thursday is the day when social media marketers must be focused and active on almost every social network.
  • Friday must be the second most important day for social media marketers to be active on all social media channels.
  • Marketers must schedule their marketing activities on an hourly basis as each network has got different time to post.
  • 8 AM to 1 PM is the best performing time in terms of getting click/shares on major social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


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