Internet In 60 Seconds In 2014: 50K Apps Downloads, 136 Million Emails And More !

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The growing penetration and influence of the Internet have created new opportunity windows for millions of people worldwide. By the end of 2014, there are 2.89 billion monthly active internet users, and the figure is estimated to grow to 3.6 billion by the end of 2018, achieving 50% of penetration (population). Most of these internet users are actively involved with one or multiple online social media networks, but their usage is extended beyond the boundaries of social media and they end up consuming massive data every day. So, what are the other activities most of these internet users doing on the internet every day, what type of online content they are consuming the most, which are the websites that fascinating them the most?

Tech Spartan has answered this question in an infographic looking at what happens in the internet minute. In a bid to understand the changing behavior and priorities of internet users they have also compared statistics of 2013 with 2014. These statistics show how our dependency on the Internet is increasing with each passing day and unlike few year back, our personal life is exposed to the unknown people and the outer world, up to a large extent. Thanks to the Internet!

Here are the few of the major statistics, insights, and highlights derived from the infographic titled “In An Internet Minute 2013 vs 2014.

  • Facebook, one of the favorite platforms of users, has shown a significant increase in its user login every minute. In 2013, there were 461,805 logins sessions that were recorded on Facebook every minute, while the figure increased by 29.92 percent in 2014 while in 2014, reaching 600,000 Facebook login sessions every minute.
  • With the exploded adoption of smartphone, majorly due to abating average selling price, users are making best use of camera and clicking more photos and sharing within their network than ever before. Consequently, the number of photos uploaded on Instagram each minute in 2014 touched whopping 67,000 as compared to 38,000 a year ago.
  • Twitter, the platform to send and receive short messages, has become more popular. 347,000 tweets were sent every minute on an average in 2013 and the figure increased by 24.78 percent in 2014, reaching 433,000 tweets every minute.
  • Google, an undisputed and unchallenged king of online search, is the most popular search engine among the internet users. In 2014, 4.19 million searches were performed each minute as compared to 4.11 million in 2013, a yearly growth of 1.9 percent.
  • Constantly improving network infrastructure is driving the growth of online video adoption. Internet users are consuming more video content than ever before now. This has led YouTube to record unprecedented growth in 2014 resulting in 306 hours of video downloaded every minute in 2014. The staggering growth of 197 percent in video download per minute is a clear indication what would be the future of online content.
  • Pinterest and Vines have also shown an increase of 25.92 percent and 25 percent respectively in 2014 as compared to the previous year.
  • The easier and comfort level of online shopping has boosted one of the favorite platforms for shopping i.e. Amazon to a large extent. In 2014, 80,000 sales transactions were recorded every minute on Amazon, which shows an increase of 20.8 percent as compared to 64,000 sales transactions in the previous year.
  • Emails are the greatest gift of the Internet to all of us. As the number of internet users is growing and the infrastructure is becoming more reliable and secure, people are developing more confidence towards e-communication. In 2013,  127,013,889 mails were sent every minute, which grew to 136,319,444 in 2014, an increase of 7.3 percent.
  • The lowing cost of smartphone and the internet has helped mobile internet to reach a sizable number of people. This has resulted in growing popularity and adoption of mobile apps and the companies are seeing Smartphone as a ‘Tool for Business in Future” and are focusing to acquire mobile internet users by offering free samples, discounts, and coupons. The strategy triggered the massive usage of mobile app and the popularity skyrocketed in 2014. In 2014, 50,200 mobile apps were downloaded every minute, a yearly growth of 35.6%

Here is the complete infographic that highlights many other trends and how exactly the internet is changing with each passing minute.



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