Why Is Facebook CEO Under Attack Of Spammers ?

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline has been flooded with troll stickers and ‘meme’ images. Many of his posts from the years 2011 and 2012 have been targeted, especially, the post about Mark’s marriage in 2012 and the one about Mark turning into a vegetarian in 2011, as reported by TechCrunch. TechCrunch suspects a group on Facebook called ‘Flood that Mark’, having most of its members based in the Brazilian area, behind these activities, but no specific motive could be deciphered as of now. The life event added by Mark about his marriage to Priscilla Chan received almost 2 million ‘likes’ but most of the 186,400+ comments on the post are these nonsensical stickers mostly posted by the members of this group. Again, the post where Mark declares himself of becoming a vegetarian back in 2011 has received over 108,000 comments most of which are these stickers with abusive messages.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday, December 17, 2011

The rising curse of social spamming didn’t even spare the Facebook CEO

The menace of social spamming is growing at a rate of 658% since mid-2013. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) and LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD) are the playgrounds of the spammers. When the Fortune 100 companies were studied by Nexgate, 1.8 million securities related and inappropriate content related incidents were found. Among the 32,000 accounts which were studied, 162,600 messages contained spam. And this time, even the CEO of Facebook is not spared. It is even more threatening when the reasons for such comments and stickers are unclear. TechCrunch suspects that this group, probably, declares challenges which the members accept and work accordingly. Flooding Mark’s timeline with such comments may be a part of the challenge and they won’t stop until they succeed in posting a definite number of comments.

Reasons behind the attack assumed

When we take a look at the dates of these comments, they are mostly posted after the Q&A round with Mark which took place on 11th of December 2014. Thus, it can be considered that these comments are in reply to the Q&A session, expressing dissatisfaction or unacceptability towards the recent measures taken up by Facebook. The possible introduction to the ‘dislike’ button can be one of the reasons since, this might hamper the brands’ pages on Facebook. As a result, this will also affect the E-commerce market which, probably, this particular group is not ready to accept.

Another reason behind such attacks can be the abating organic reach of Page posts on Facebook. Facebook is devoting more attention to the content of the News Feeds appearing on the walls. It is only displaying the posts on the News Feeds section which contain more relevant contents. This would stop the social networking site from becoming a platform for marketing and promotions. Facebook has already declared that from January 2015 onwards people will see less promotional feeds in the News Feeds section. This can also be a step taken by Facebook to cut down the number of unauthorized accounts on Facebook as 40 percent of the accounts on Facebook are unauthorized. This propagates a fall in the domain of online marketing.


It is quite a daring action to attack the Facebook CEO in a public forum. These stickers and ‘memes’ can either be coming from real accounts or fake accounts. A particular account belonging to one of the spammers, called Helenilson Felix has posted a pie-chart on his timeline with the heading “Resumo do Feed de Noticias” which is translated as “Do summarize News Feeds” (translated by Google Translate). This can be assumed as a reply to Mark’s step for killing the organic reach. Another such account holder is Martina Alves; Unlike Helenison’s account, this one seems to be a fake account as there are not many posts on this account. Since, all these comments are posted after the Q&A session, it can be said that these people are not happy with the answers Mark has come up with to the questions regarding the decline of the organic reach. Most of these comments are dated 13th December 2014 which is just two days after the Q&A session was held.

mark marriage

Mark will deal with this in his own way

Some of the stickers deliver abusive messages which are posted in the comment box under 2011 post of Mark where he declares that he has become a vegetarian. All these actions by this group can lead Mark take drastic measures. If these people want to put across a message or do not agree with Mark, there are better and healthier ways of communicating their concerns. Eventually, by posting such disgraceful comments they are hampering their own image. These stickers or ‘meme’ images will not change or affect the company’s decisions, anyway. But, such users are putting their Facebook accounts at stake for sure.


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