Top 5 Free Google Play Games You Should Be Playing Right Now !

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Google Play Store has got more than 1.5 million unique apps to download. While majority of the apps are available for free, the success to Google Play Store is apparently tied with Gaming apps and Freemium model. While freemium apps contributed 90% of total app revenue to Google, Gaming apps accounted for 91% of Google Play revenue in Q1 2014. The astounding growth and contribution of gaming apps is recorded due to hundreds of thousand of gaming apps available on Play Store now. Google has ensured to offer a variety of gaming apps suiting the need of every gaming freak.

But this has also created a challenge for first-time gaming app enthusiasts, who hit to Play Store hunting for the best gaming apps. With tons of options available on Play Store, such users end up downloading a gaming app that has a number of downloads or higher ranking. This practice affects the new gaming apps that may be less in download numbers, but provide a better interface and gaming experience.

Therefore, today we have brought a list of top five free gaming apps available on Play Store. The list is composed after the close screening of multiple parameters of hundreds of gaming apps.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In this game, the players, the teams and leagues are all real. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA Sports includes over ten thousand players, five-hundred-eighty-three teams, thirty-three leagues, and thirty-four actual stadiums. You can create an all-star squad of FIFA soccer players and see  how they fan out. Some of the more popular leagues include the English Premier League, La Liga, the German Bundesliga and many more. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team allows you to take the adrenaline rush of soccer with you wherever you go with the most real-life soccer game in Google Play.


This free mobile slots app is a ton of fun with clear vivid graphics and all sorts of crazy themed games including Elvis, Gorilla Gems, and many more. Be careful, Slotomania can get addictive with lots of opportunities to win big, bonus rounds, and free gifts for you and your friends.

Spider-Man Unlimited

With Spider man Unlimited, you can swing from building to building in an action-packed arcade like adventure game/thrill ride that feels like you’re living inside a Marvel comics book. Players can recruit any hero in the Spider-Verse to face off against the ultimate threat. You can also build an army of Spider-Men to fend off the new Sinister Six, who have established a multi-dimensional portal in New York City to duplicate endless versions of themselves. The Sinister Six are transporting from one dimension to the next, eliminating everyone in their way. This game is your chance to fight for survival.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has kind of a crazy but creative concept that involves, dodging oncoming trains, a spray-paint powered jet pack, and olympic like acrobatics. This game is a bundle of fun as you can assist the protagonist, Jake, a tricky mischievous punk evade capture from the grumpy Inspector and his determined canine companion.

Candy Crush Saga

I realize this one is predictable, but we did promise you the best. In this user favorite, Tiffi and Mr. Toffee set off on their sweet journey through the Candy Kingdom. If you pass level fifty, you can open Dreamworld and exile reality with some owl named Odus. This game allows users to both switch and match their way through over a hundred levels in this tasty puzzle experience. Candy Crush Saga– definitely the sweetest game to make our list.


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