Plasma HDTVs Are Dead After LG and Samsung Announce Exit !

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It was bound to happen, and with the latest announcement by LG Electronics Inc. (KRX:066570), the countdown has finally begun. Plasma HDTV is no more maker movers and all electronics giants have finally dumped it. And why not, technology was outdated and in an era of Smart LCD, 3D LED and 4K HDTV era, who wants to keep paying the huge electricity bills due to high consumption of power by Plasma TVs. LG and Samsung are two remaining manufacturers who decided to delay the exit of Plasma TV business due to unknown reasons. However, with market showing no sign of revivals and Plasma TVs are good for nothing but to occupy space at warehouses, LG has decided to shut down Plasma TV production by the end of next month.

Samsung is the only manufacturer left in the market now, still offering only one particular range of Plasma TV. But that’s not going to continue for long as the Korean giant has also decided to exit from the market next month. This could most probably be the final nail in the coffin of Plasma TV – unless any manufacturer bounces back with new innovative technology gels with only Plasma TV and take the market by the storm, which is quite unlikely.

However, Plasma TV will survive till 2015 when Samsung will offload all ranges of Plasma TV. But for that we need to wait till upcoming CES 2015 where Samsung and many other TV manufacturers will announce their plans for Plasma screens. And, if we hear nothing in the favor of Plasma, it’s official – and completely – dead.


Pioneer, Sony, Toshiba, JVC and many other players don’t manufacturer Plasma any more. Infact, Plasma TV industry started facing the tune when Pioneer exited from the TV market itself and took its superlative Kuro plasma screens with it. Samsung and Pioneer tried to lure customers with many excellent plasma televisions after that though, but the substandard and mediocre performance failed to attract the class of television buyers who wanted to experience nothing but the very best of television technology. At later stages, the low-price LED-backlit and LED screens completely eclipsed leaving no room for Plasma.


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