Facebook Inc. (FB) Dominates 130 Countries: World Map of Social Networks

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Sometimes back we had analyzed the December 2013 world map of social networks which deduced Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FBas the czar of social media sites and now in the recent update of this demographic plot of nations by Vincos, it reveals that this online social media titan is continuously expanding its realms all round the globe. The dominance of Facebook has been so emphatic that with every update of this social world map, more and more territories are getting painted in blue.

The July 2014 edition of World Map of Social Networks unveiled the extinction of one more social player Draugieum whose region of operation was overtaken by the blue giant and now the monthly user base of Facebook stands at a whopping 1,317 million spanning across 130 nations worldwide out of the 137 countries analyzed. The growth in the number of MAUs of this social network has not been very terrific in the past 8 months with an increase of about 110 million, but it has been able to conquer two major territories of Europe – Moldova and Latvia dethroning Odnoklassniki and Draugieum respectively which has now made this Zuckerberg’s inception the unrivalled king of Europe. Furthermore, with this succession in Europe, Facebook also has created a bridge to the Russian nations, where the local networks still have an upper edge. Currently, this social network leader has 410 million active users in Asia (+42 million since last December), 292 million in Europe, 204 million in USA & Canada, 362 million in other countries. VincosWorldMapOfSocialNetworksJuly2014650 The increased rate of adoption of Facebook all across the world can be attributed to its expanding domains wherein it is now not just limited as a mode of connection and communication, but has also emerged as the preferred avenue for checking out local enterprises, promulgating products and provision of API’s. Also, the 1.07 billion mobile MAU base has been a prime driver in the success ride of this online networking giant. According to Facebook’s Q2 results of 2014, the company’s revenue reached to $2.91 billion recording an increase of 67% from the same quarter last year and the major contributor to this growth was the mobile advertising revenue which represented almost 62% of advertising income of this quarter. The combined effect of all these factors have really led Facebook’s stock to bounce back strongly after the negative response of its IPO and the company share recorded a massive 74.9% of growth in last one year.

Other insights from the social map

One of the major differences observed since last December in the global social scenario was in Iran, where even though the strong state censorship towards western social media is prevalent, there was a change of habits with Facenama taking the place of Cloob. Also in 2012, the local social networking players of Russia- V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki – outplayed the competitors with a user base of 228 million and 148 million, respectively, but in the recent revelations to data traffic by Alexa, they have fallen weak in front of Facebook and are struggling to conquer the market. Talking about the social stats of the Asian continent, China Qzone yet dominates the rest with 645 million users followed by Sina Weibo with 503 million registered users (not active users).



The social fever among the folks has also lead to flourishing of Instant messaging apps. The leader of this segment QQ International presently accounts for 829 million monthly active users (+1% YoY), followed by Whatsapp – the new $19 billion acquisition of Facebook harboring 600 million active monthly users(+50% YoY) – and next in line is WeChat with 438 million active users (+57% YoY).

The easy-to-use interface of Facebook along with innumerable features has made Facebook the hot favorite social platform among the world population. Along with this, the colossal user base of this social network giant makes it the most preferred medium among the mob to get connected to any corner of the world. Although with the emergence of newer social platforms like Snapchat and LinkedIn, the social consumption of Facebook has declined, but with the talent acquisitions of 50 other companies till now, including Instagram and Friend.ly by Zuckerberg, at the present moment it seems a distant dream for any other social networking competitor to change this fast diffusing blue colour from the world map of social networks.    



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