Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 6 Leaked Just Before The Launch? [Video]

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No offense, but I was expecting this and only from China! Just a day before the scheduled launch of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 a new leaked video of iPhone 6 has surfaced. In the video a Chinese man is showcasing 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in a perfect working condition. While we are not sure about the legitimacy of the video, but such leak just a day before the launch of iPhone 6 is a kind of convincing in itself.

Apple iPhone 6 leaked image

First noticed by 9to5Mac, this is the first ever video, showing a bigger screen iPhone in a working condition and this makes the claim more convincing than ever before. Most of the leaks till date have been showcasing only a few parts, purporting iPhone 6 parts. Though there were very few leaks who showcased the assembled piece iPhone 6 but restricted itself only to hardware display. This new leaked video shows a comparable hardware along with fully functional iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 leaked video

If we believe on the new leaks, iPhone 6 is going to be wider and thinner than its predecessor. However, the comparatively small power jack does create a doubt, but you never know.

In the new iPhone 6 buttons are placed and shaped completely different from rounded ones available in iPhone 5S. Probably, this has been done to accommodate it with thinner body.

Apple Iphone 6 leaked video image

While not much of other information is available as the video is in Chinese, there are few obvious information that have made rounds over the internet for some time now:

  • Apple iPhone 6 would be available in two display sizes: 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches.
  • Apple may introduce only 4.7-inches iPhone 6 on September 9. The claim looks more legitimate as most of the rumors have talked and showcasing parts of 4.7-inches iPhone 6.
  • Apple iPhone 6 will come with pre-installed iOS 8.
  • Apple 4.7-inches iPhone 6 will have 2,250 mAh battery, providing the day-long backup for data hungry iPhone users.
  • Apple has decided to load iPhone 6 with more power through the new A8 chipset.
  • Apple iPhone 6 will have 1 GB of RAM, making it much more responsive and multi tasker.

The full length leaked video of iPhone 6 after this break;

For them, who are more excited about the video and struggling to understand the message, here is a brief translation of the voice script:

One is an iPhone 5s and the other is, I’m not sure what it is gonna be called, probably the iPhone 6. You guys might be curious if this phone that I am holding might be a knock off or fake, but it does have an Touch ID, I (you) don’t think so? Let’s try and see that again.

My personal feel of the phone is that it is faster than the 5s. When I got the phone, I personally feel that it is very light, much lighter than expected when seeing the (leak) images online. It might be seen that the iPhone 6 is gonna be heavier, but it is not. Thus, I feel the iPhone 6 is much a lot lighter than the iPhone 5s. That is the first thought about the phone.

(80% accuracy)
The second thought is about the screen size. One might think that it is gonna be too big and needs more than one hand to operate, and Apple has done it with only one hand usage. (Not sure: By making the screen size taller to achieve it). Still feels comfortable using the iPhone just like the iPhone 5s.

(50% accuracy)
Thirdly is the ‘radians’ (according to Google Translate) or ‘Bezel’ on the sides, somewhat like the Samsung’s I9300 (or SIII). Which makes it feels comfortably good with one hand. [Talks about technology of the screen with him mentioning “2.5”.

On the back, it still retains the design of the iPhone 5 backing of the 3 parts. And still on the back, the iPhone 5s camera is within the body of the phone, but the one on the iPhone 6’s camera is protruding outwards. Some may feel that it is ugly, but I personally feel that if the camera quality is better, it is something good too (or I don’t mind either).

Since there isn’t much apps or software running, the performance feels about the same. But if according to Apple, the internal specs would certainly be an increase. For that, we would only know after the event.

Let’s open the camera app, this is the screen, (takes picture), taking pictures feels very fast, very fast, can’t imagine that. *Goes on opening the Photos app* Photo still feels quite small.

And that is all.

*Shows the different apps on the phone*
Unsure of the megapixel of the camera due to the lack of information.
The health app may connect to the iWatch.

And that is pretty much it.



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