Social Is Superseding The Click Shots In Online Advertising And Campaigns: Media Insights Q2 2014

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Online advertisements have become an integral part of promulgation for marketers and they are constantly working on more and more lucrative modes in this sphere to shape their brand values as well as increase their revenues. By 2016, online advertisement expenditure is expected to reach $62 billion. Lately we had presented a report based on the analysis of digital marketing trends which provides a clearer picture of the market spending in this sector.

The realms of Internet marketing have been escalating continuously and in 2011 the revenues of online advertising surpassed those of broadcast television. Maintaining this uptrend the first half of 2013 saw a huge leap with the online ad revenues crossing $20.1 billion which was almost 18% more than the earnings for the same tenure in 2012 and this upsurge still continues in 2014. According to the Media Intelligence Report (MIR) of Q2 published by Neustar Inc. (NYSE: NSR) – a trusted neutral provider of real-time information services and analytic – on 26th August 2014, this year the media advertising spending will see its largest expansion in more than a decade, with 28% of spend allocated to digital channels. This trend will directly increase the opportunities of the endorsers to reach their customers in more effective and personalized ways.


The report is crunched with the performance of online advertising channels and campaign types during the second quarter and provides an insight to the marketers of the mediums which turned out to be most effective for reaching out to the consumer base and how the employment of CRM data built to reach the top companies impacted the campaigns.

The Key Findings of the report included

  • The social channels along with the exchanges performed above the indexed average for user quality with exchanges outperforming the social by 66%. Also, the social and the networks increased their presence in the upper strata whereas the exchanges made their presence more felt at the lower end of funnel.

Cost index - Social Media cheapest

  •  Social medium’s cost effectiveness persists to boost, proving 70% cheaper than the industry average and it outshined as the only channel which performed above the indexed average for reach efficiency superseding the next best channel by 286%.
  •  CRM data performed 19x-98x above the advertiser average across the Telco, Retail and Entertainment verticals.

CRM Index

The Major Trends Highlighted In Q2 2014

  •  The video and mobile are finding their reach to the normal buyers and are no longer restricted to the expertise mobile and video networks.
  • The use of digital signal Processing (DSP) is increasing substantially among the buyers on the social platform to access social impressions via exchanges as a result of which the social costs have decreased and the reach to the consumers has increased.
  • An increased number of users have started adopting private browsing sessions, deleting their cookies in Q2 because of which the marketers have to constantly provide personalized experience through personal messages.

The report also highlighted on the influence of the “clicks” on the conversion rates and deduced a significant difference between the enumeration of the viewer and the clicker class of audience. In a study of the health care industry, the report found a ratio of 1:29 between the customer sales conversion rate of clickers and viewers of ads. Analyzing this difference of the consumer rates the marketers can utilize these stats for optimizing their business revenues.

Also, the reach of videos is continuously broadening and with some exuberant events like FIFA World cup piling up in the Q2, the advertisers gigantically increased the video impressions by making best use of the networks providing soccer-related content. Although the network cost saw an eruption of 28% in the last quarter, but it involved the trade off of new and better video targeting and measurement tools giving the advertisers the power to enhance the brand efficacy and awareness. Conjointly with the expanding zones of video and mobile, attribution is another rapidly expanding domain of the current market scenario and more and more number of marketers are earnestly looking at attribution instead of last-click and last-touch.

The advertisers should constantly work on innovative methods and modes to effectively use this medium of online advertisement for reaching to newer and high-quality customers, reducing the ad expenditure which is not able to persuade the audience and creating an influential background for luring customers. The insights of the report provides a clear insight to the marketers on optimizing their business prospects and with such enormous pace of growth of the online advertising industry, in the coming times customers can expect a much better and personalized dialogues with the  brands and their marketers.


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