Facebook Inc. (FB) Pages Should Yet Favor For Funding Fake Likes!

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A couple of days back we published a report on the declining engagements of the organic posts among the users, which gave an insight on how much efforts the marketers have to put in to make their feeds reach to the social users. Amidst such tough competition, the number of blue thumbs ups one receives on a post on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) or a number of shares and retweets gained on Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR)   has now become a scale to judge the impact of that feed on the audience.

Recently there has been an evocation of rat-race among the entrepreneurs to hike up the number of Likes on their brand page. It can be clearly visualised by just typing “Buy Facebook Likes” on the search bar of Google and your window would be flooded with an enormous number of sites pertaining to the same. In a broader sense these sites just charge a nominal fee from the endorser and in lieu of it they reckon up the number of likes on their page, but the question remains prevalent that what’s the legitimacy of these Likes and whether investing in such a fan acquisition is still a nimble blueprint?

In a recent report by Socialcode, a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, the value of the Likes on the Facebook page has not depreciated and the worth of the admirers is yet prized even though the absorption of organic feeds has deteriorated substantially. The principle reasons outlined for the same in the report are:-

  • Economical reach costs – The response of the users in a positive (opting to reap in the notification of brand pages) or negative sense (spam marking or hiding of posts) can boost up the Facebook’s ad propagating treasure and reduce the CPM’s considerably.
  • Higher ad influence through social framework – Promoting ads to the users, which someone in their own networks has liked, turn out to be like an unofficial recommendation for them known as the “social context” which increases the revenues to a very large extent.

Facebook fans acquisition

This was further highlighted in a blog post by Brian Boland, the Facebook’s VP of Ads Product Marketing, which stated that ads with higher social context lifted the online sales by 35%.

The Source And Sink of These Likes

The sites which intend to sell these likes emphasize loads on them being completely “real” but their authorization can in no ways ensure that they are really interested in the industry or the services because they are just a diffused mob from all over the globe whose interests are likely towards a product can never be acknowledged in reality. Furthermore, the increased number of Fake profiles being added each year to the user base of Facebook their authenticity remains yet fishy.

Purchased likes can even have an adverse effect on the number of genuine customers because the endorsers would never be able to figure out what the exact demand of its customers is, hence with the passage of time, these real followers would loose interest and start alienating from their brand pages.

These Fake likes” can even negatively impact the Edgerank, which is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed and how high on the News Feed, of a business page.

Substitutes For Buying the Facebook Fake Likes

Rather than spending hefty amounts to gain such fraudulent likes and followers, which have innumerable negative impacts on the enterprise, the marketers can always go in for some innovative and ethical ways to lure the customers. One such technique is to attract the customers through the initiation of Like gated contests and Like gated coupons.  In both these approaches, a customer is beckoned to Like the page of the promoter and in return, they are rewarded with the access to a lucky contest or get entitled to avail some special discounts in the form of promo coupons. Recent researches have affirmed these facts that about 57% of the social media users follow a brand’s page to get empowered for such contests and coupons. Facebook has been working on these lines and the recent example of this is the Facebook’s coupon App featured by Wishpond. However, there is a flip side of such Like gated content and contest; marketers are illegitimately convincing users to Like the page to view a piece of content or video which are generally quite tempting. Unfortunately, once a user like such page he ends up learning that projected content is either fake or doesn’t exist. To counter this, Facebook has decided to kill the Like Gate feature from November 2014.

Rather than building a fake and a hoax fan base resulting in a sheer failure to captivate the customers, the traffickers should seek to build a solid and engaged, real follower stand which can ensure that their feed is a likely to find inherently like Ads just as any other post promulgating its reach.


  1. Nothing’s better than seeing your site grow its traffic organically. I didn’t know much about this until I’ve read this post. Thanks for sharing.


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