YouTube On The Go: Most Common Issues And Solutions !

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The explosive growth of smartphone has given wings to content creation, curation and consumption. To make it more explosive, multi-folds mobile internet penetration is allowing people to take their internet world everywhere with them. Until few years back, online video viewing was confined to high-speed broadband networks and online video sharing network YouTube was registering a modest growth in the mobile space. However, between 2011 and 2013 YouTube has registered a staggering growth in the mobile space and, in the US alone, YouTube has registered about 700% growth in mobile traffic during the said period. Globally, 25% of total YouTube views are coming from mobile now and YouTube has gone beyond browsers and smartphones to Tablets, SmartTV’s, Streaming Media Boxes and a variety of other contented devices.

YouTube On the Go - common issues and solution

YouTube, the world’s largest online video sharing network, is growing multifold with each passing month, bringing in more revenue to Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) quarter over quarter. Users are creating more short video content and share them with friends instantly these days with the use of various social apps like Vine and Hangout. However, the devices, users are using to consume and create YouTube videos, have challenged this growth. Unlike before when YouTube had to deal with the user experience on Desktop alone, the emergence of more connected devices such as gaming Console, Smartphone, Tablet, Media Boxes are becoming a challenge for YouTube, as well as users, for a seamless viewing experience. Eventually, it’s all about viewing no matter how great or popular the video is.

A new infographic from YTD, YouTube video downloader, highlights a few of the most common issues users are experiencing these days with YouTube on different devices. The infographic also explains how users can fix most of these issues in a simple and easy way.


Few of the most common issues, like YouTube app crash on jailbroken iPhone and iPad, channel update error, unable to view a video despite of having age qualification, YouTube app crashing on Android devices and access issues, make users restless and annoy them specially when the video content is relevant to the situation the most.

YouTube On The Go - Mobile Views, Issues and Solutions


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