Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Launch 2.5-Inch Display iWatch In October!

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This year Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be on its way to enjoy the biggest holiday season sales in the history of the company. The launch of much-awaited Apple iWatch is reportedly finalized for the October – right after a iPhone 6 launch, reportedly scheduled for September this year. According to the latest report from China Economic News Quanta Computer, world’s top manufacturer of laptop computers has bagged the contract to produce 70% of Apple iWatch. Considering that CEN (China Economic News) enjoys the credible history of reporting accurate date of various products in the past, the launch date of Apple iWatch seems right.

Apple iWatch Launch date

CEN’s claim is not the only reason to believe that Apple would launch iWatch in the month of October, few earlier sources and rumors align wits this claim; At WWDC 2014, Apple launched the upgraded version of iOS that supports smartphone, tablet and wearable gadget. Company is expecting to ship three to four million units of iWatch as the initial shipment, which is a clear sign that Apple iWatch is close to debut.

Two days back, it’s been reported that Apple is all set to launch iPhone 6 on September 25, while bigger 5.5-inch screen iPhone 6 would be purported as iPhone Air. Apple may follow the last year tradition when company introduced new upgraded version iPad and iPhone, iPad Air and iPhone 5S, within a gap of 2 weeks.

The fourth-quarter of this year, first fiscal quarter of 2015 for Apple, is seems to be the best-ever performing quarter for the Cupertino based company. Apple is expecting to sell nearly 80 to 90 million units of iPhone 6 in first three-month from the launch and in taking iPad and iWatch sales into the account, Apple could record the greatest number of devices shipment during the quarter. This will also help Apple to boost its quarter sales revenue to new heights as nearly 80% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone and iPad sales.

The second half of the year is going to be the era of wearable devices, especially for smartwatch and smartband. Though Google took the lead by introducing wearable Google Glass earlier than others, the delay in commercial launch of the product has refrained Google from taking early debut advantage in wearable market. Almost every major technology and mobile device manufacturer is eyeing on potential wearable market. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930), Pebble, Sony, and other 40 companies have already placed their bet in the market while Microsoft smartwatch, Moto 360 and LG G smartwatch are around the corner.

Samsung led the smartwatch industry with 34% market share in 2013, and with the growing awareness and health consciousness among users, the number of smartwatch industry with see an exponential growth in next few years. With 373 million projected smartwatch units market by 2020, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is trying to penetrate the smartwatch platform with Android Wear while Samsung and Apple will drive this growth from the front. It’s difficult to saw how many people will actually buy iWatch, but if Apple tags iWatch will close to $200, around 41% of potential smartwatch buyers will fall for it, claims a report.


  1. msuozzi1 Dont act like a forg of a smelling well, look beyond Apple then ony you can find answers of your own question. explore and see who all secured other 66% of market. This is what I call, a blind Apple followers. 

    Besides, do read the content. I failed to find a statement that claims the image included is Apple’s real iWatch….it’s a concept not a definetly know nothing about content busines and industry.

  2. Samsung led the market with 34% market share in shipments. They don’t report sales in fuzz Korean accounting. Also if Samsung was the leader in shipments; who had the 66%.
    Simple fact is that this is heretofore an unwanted device that will not be legitimized until AAPL enters the fray. So keeping the rumor alive keeps Samsung on life support a it longer.
    When AAPL enters all Samsung unsold inventory is on the first ship back tor Korea

  3. dazeinfo msuozzi1  Oh….Concept my ass!
    You are posting images illegally using AAPL’s logo to convince people that your fiction is reality.
    STOP LYING !!!!!!

  4. dazeinfo msuozzi1  So last week it was reported that the mythical I-Watch is delayed today it’s reported that the alleged larger I-Phone Phablet is also delayed.
    The truth is that delay means perpetuate the lie and milk it longer instead of admitting it was all manipulative bullshit.
    Nothings real until APL says so. Your sources are paid shill and you are ay per click propaganda.
    Just admit and stop basing excuses on information that was fabricated.

  5. msuozzi1 We completely understand your concern and thought process. Having said that its important to know that we present the information on the site only after the digging it deeper to understand the merits of the source. In this case CEN have a reliable past credits in its kitty when it comes to launch date and release info. That’s why we decided to feature it.

    As fas as Image is concern, no where we have mentioned this is the leaked/purported image of upcoming iWatch pls. Its just a concept.

    Thanks for your attention.

  6. The Chinese Economic news does not make announcements for AAPL; all they do is spread propaganda.
    This is a false image. If AAPL is making a wrist device (Not a “watch”) we will know it when AAPL tells us.
    In the interim there is no release date set for this illustration of your imagination.


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