Mobile Music Touch Gloves: Wear And Play Like Beethoven !

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This reminds me a popular Hollywood movie “The Tuxedo”, featuring Jackie Chan. In the movie Jackie wears the tuxedo, along with the watch, and select the desired characteristic to get equipped with; be it a fighter, dancer, musician or singer. Not all of that, but these gloves does exactly the same thing when it comes to playing piano.

These could easily be mistaken for a pair of gloves worn by weight lifters at the gym, but they are not. Furthermore, if you’re not keen enough, you may think they are just simple black gloves worn for fun. But instead, these are special multifunction gloves that you wear and play music like the legendary composer and pianist Beethoven. At the same time, you could wear them in the event that you injured your spinal cord and you’re not able to correctly move your fingers or even sense a thing.

Wearable music touch gloves
Created by researchers at Georgia Tech, the MMT or Mobile Music Touch Gloves can do wonders as far as moving fingers is concerned. They were created specifically to improve sensation as well as movement of hands. In case you got a spinal injury such that you’re not able to move your fingers well, these special pair of gloves will help you learn how to move those fingers in a fast and efficient manner. You can then play the piano.


Where it all begun?

It sounds like a very complex technology to master, yet it’s not. When research was being carried out on the gloves, they only sampled patients who had suffered spine injury more than a year ago. Those who had sustained injuries less than a year ago could not show results.

All in all, the participants wore them in their hands, just the same way you’d wear a pair of gloves when you want to play a piano. The Mobile Music Touch was so accurate that it could vibrate in every finger to let them know which piano keys to press. They improved sensation and motoring skills in individuals.

Mobile Music Touch Gloves: Wear and Feel like Beethoven

They doubled up as a medical equipment coincidentally because of the fact that they offered a solution to piano lovers who could not play music due to injury on their spine.

Today, the MMT system is very basic as it consists of a device attached to the back of the gloves, then connected through a wireless network to the computer, smartphone or MP3 player. The whole arrangement feels quite uncomfortable on hand but considering the technology is at it very nascent stage, the future looks promising, especially when small chips are ready to replace bulky components.

How they work?

For them to work a song must be programmed into the wireless device and the correct key illuminated on the keyboard. The gloves will vibrate to signal which keys to hit. Because of this, the wearer can play along with the song, eventually mastering where the respective keys are positioned on the keyboard.


Their effectiveness

It’s remarkable how some people have reported to immediately feel the hotness of a cup of coffee the instant they touch it. This could also hint that they may be more efficient that our very natural sense of touch or temperature.

Sharpening your ”Beethoven” abilities were just a secondary focus of the study

Apparently, these gloves weren’t created specifically for playing piano. Instead, the study put more emphasis on how well patients could sense vibration as they went about their own duties. Consequently, they were required to wear them for 2 hours every 5 days. But it also turned out that participants could play songs faster and retain them better, so the researchers hoped that they could double up as excellent music tools. This a year old video showcases how MMT used to work earlier and in last one year the technology has improved multi-fold and there are many new enhancements that are made to to MMT.

It’s true that they’ll make you feel like Beethoven when you hit the piano keys. They are so accurate and magical that you won’t believe it. The MMT system is also believed to activate dormant parts of the brain by triggering the sensory cortex on your fingers, which in turn fires charge into the brain. It’s definitely worth your money if you know you can’t play music like the legendary Beethoven.

Wearable Gadgets Hold Unlimited Potential

2014 is apparently going to be the year of wearable gadgets. Almost every tech giant is working on one or another wearable technology/gadget. Smart Glasses, Smart Clothing, Gesture recognition are few of the major wearable technologies ready to revolutionaries the industry. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (KRX:005930) has taken a lead position by introducing Smartwatches and Health & Fitness bands early in the market. Sensing the huge potential, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) have also joined the race with their wearable technology or gadgets, reportedly scheduled for launch late this year. Other electronics giants LG, Sony, Nike are not much behind; LG G Watch and Sony Smartwatch are also making the round of rumours for some time now. Wearable electronic market, alone, is estimated worth $8.36 billion by 2018 and considering new innovations in wearable space, the overall wearable industry could easily cross the $20 billion mark by 2020.

Disclaimer: This article was originally written by Tom Tyrrell for Dazeinfo. He is one of the two brothers behind the amazing nfc information ground. They began researching the potential of NFC in 2008, eventually founding NFC Direct in 2012. They now offer customers the complete NFC solution. To make it more valuable for readers, I have made few tweaks and added the growing scenario of wearable industry.


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