This New ‘Unofficial’ Ringtone Of Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone Is Just Awesome [Download]

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If visionary Steve Jobs had been alive chasing his dreams for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), this indian DJ might have found himself on cloud nine by now, for sure. Known for his creative nature, Steve could have had immensely influenced and impressed with the remixed version of iPhone ring tone as tens of thousand of people are, now. You may be wondering what a DJ (Disco Jockey) has got to do with a company, completely drowned and driven in Technology !  Not a rocket science though, but this Indian DJ has tried to recreate the magic of the official ringtone of iPhone. By chance, if you fail to recall the original one, here is The One that was launched along with iOS 7. Undoubtedly, this has resulted in a super awesome remixed version of iPhone ringtone, most of us can’t resist ourselves from downloading it.

Apple iPhone Remixed Ringtone

Within just 10 days of launch, the ringtone is played for more than 1.82 million times and more than 22,000 people have liked the ringtone. The new unofficial iPhone ringtone has a mix of other iPhone notification tones blending all of it with a catchy backgrounds and fast-paced music. The final composition of this tone is making people go gaga, especially those who understand and love beats, mixers, bass and jazz.

To make it more interesting, and to prove his creation, the DJ has filmed a video while playing it live on a Native Instruments Machine board. While we have embedded the video below, we have also added a download link of MP3 format of this remixed iPhone ringtone. Even if you are not an iPhone users, still you can download the file to your phone and make it as your default ringtone. So, enjoy !!


You can download the ringtone for your smartphone by clicking here. Just right click and select option Download Linked File.

And Yes, don’t be surprised if you found this as a default ringtone reinstalled in upcoming iPhone 6, reportedly scheduled for launch in August this year.


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