Happy Birthday Martin! You are the true inspiration for those who appraise innovation than investment and leadership.

Being the creator of the first highway-capable all-electric sports car, in production, with a range greater than 200 miles (320 km) per charge, certainly makes Martin Eberhard a visionary. And then again him being ranked as the top 24 innovators of 2007 by Fortune Magazine is proof enough.

Name: Martin Eberhard

DOB: May 15, 1960, California, United Stats

Achievements: Co-Founded Tesla Motors In 2003


Sports cars were known as gas-guzzlers until Martin starting Tesla in 2002 and designed the Tesla Roadster in 2004. Between 2008 and early 2012, Tesla sold more than 2,250 Roadsters in 31 countries.

The history of Martin Eberhard and Tesla is interesting and very entrepreneurial.  These are a few less-known facts about Martin and his passion:

1. He founded Tesla Motors because he did not find a suitable sports car to buy.

2. Neither of the initial founders or investors of Tesla, including Martin, were automobile engineers.

3. Tesla had to be about Electric Sports Cars because Martin hated the idea of being dependent on the Oil-rich countries.

4. Martin and Marc Tarpenning (co-founder of Tesla) cornered Roger Becker from Lotus Cars, the maker of the finest-handling sports car on road then, at the 2004 LA Auto Show and convinced him that Tesla was worthy to partner. Later Lotus Cars became the contract car manufacturers of Tesla.

5. The well-known law suit by Martin on Elon Musk (the investor and co-founder of PayPal who ousted Martin from the company) is known to be less of an ego battle and more of a strife to be known as the founder of the brand Tesla.

6. Martin wanted the first produced Roadster for himself as a collectible, however, the then board at Tesla declined his wish and he settled for the second produced Roadster instead.

Though Martin is not a part of the Tesla team today, it’s his passion to build the Roadster and make Tesla an upmarket brand that he is known for most.

His life story hints loud and clear, that skills of the technical kind can be honed if passion of the right kind is abundant. And it’s essential to have business acumen and street smartness if you ever took a path less trodden.

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