Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg! It has been a long journey for you from  setting up codes to building an amazing social ecosystem around peer-liking and photo-sharing, widely known as Facebook, today. We appreciate your passion to make weird, commonplace.

Today, the creator of the world’s largest ever social network turns 30 and by this phase of life he has achieved almost everything that most of the entrepreneurs and leaders cherish and aspire the most. Roping in two out of every five internet users worldwide on a single platform was next to impossible – until a few years back. And by minting millions from a free-to-use platform Mark Zuckerberg has superseded many renowned personalities in the industry. Just to give you a comparison, at the age of 30 Microsoft founder Bill Gates was busy in developing the first retail version of Windows OS and Steve Jobs was busy with market feedbacks that came to him post the launch of Macintosh computers. Needless to say none of these had made his billion by the age of 30 years.

Mark Zuckerberg

The most commendable of Mark’s traits seems the knack of hacking ideas for the love of it. Be it FaceMash.com – the first ever website created by Mark – where people voted for the Hottest Face in school or Synapse that could analyse music listening habits and recommend new songs. Interestingly, the domain name FaceMash.com was sold for $30,301 in 2010.

The industrious Mark, he did not even spare the chance of learning Chinese to communicate with Priscilla’s parents. Priscilla who? You must be joking! She is Mark Zuckerberg’s wife for whom he took some heat for giving her a ruby wedding ring worth $25,000. Did I mention Mark was valued worth $19 billion at that time ? Oops, sorry then!


Smart, of course. Come September 2006, Mark wriggled out of the accusation of encouraging cyberstalking just because he introduced News Feed by sneaking in some privacy options thus defending his belief in free information flow.

Besides, here is a little bonus, though already available on the Internet, most people are still not aware of these:

–       At the age of 30, Mark Zuckberg is world’s richest person under the age of 30.

–       With in 10 years of existence, Mark has made Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) worth $150 billion now.

–       Though he draws $1 as salary from Facebook, his personal net worth stands at $26.6 billion. He is at 22nd position in the Forbes list of World’s Top Billionaire 2014.

–       To all Facebook and Mark Zuckbereg haters take it as a challenge. Mark Zuckerberg’s profile is the only profile on Facebook that can’t be blocked. Don’t believe us, try it yourself.

–       Mark Zuckberek is available on its arch competitive networks Twitter (@FINKD) and Google+ with a sizable number of followers. Interestingly, in 2011 he leapfrogged Google’s Co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin by number of Followers on Google+ in 2011.

We wish Mark’s passion, courage, smartness and industriousness inspire a lot more people to think different, break records (like he surpassed having more Facebook users that India’s population) and become successful.

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