88% Of Facebook Inc. (FB) Visits Are From Mobile App: The State Of Mobile Behaviour !

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is an unimpeded online giant with massive users base of 1.23 billion internet users. Around 76% of Facebook users are on mobile and with growing adoption of smartphone and Facebook’s free internet initiative, these numbers are poised to grow further. But, that doesn’t mean Facebook is the most popular mobile app, yet. Photo sharing app Intagram and Pinterest are more popular among mobile users than Facebook, according to Salesforce. And, this clear shows how people on social networks are more fascinated towards photos than any other activities.

In the last century, the introduction of electricity, automobiles and televisions on a large-scale had profound effects on society and individuals alike. Fast forward to 2014 and smartphones have ushered in the era of mobile adoption, revolutionizing our daily activities. The global audience for smartphones is expected to total 1.75 billion users in 2014, and it’s also estimated that by 2017 around 2.97 billion users are likely to use the internet over their phones. With such massive online usage, consumers are hooked to their mobile devices for their daily activities. Tracking the mobile behavior of users is a good way for brands to understand how customers spend their time, what they download, and their dislikes on their mobile devices.

In this infographic, Sales force tracked 470 voluntary consumers for a month, on their smartphones and tablets and collected information on how their devices shaped their lives.

  • 85% of respondents said that mobile devices were a central part of their lives, while 83% say a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important.
  • Nine out of ten consumers say access to content however they want it, is somewhat or very important.
  • Men are more likely to scan a coupon or QR code to get access to information, while women are more likely to follow a brand on social media to receive deals or coupons.
  • 98% of respondents checked the weather on their apps instead of using the mobile website. Apps are more popular than mobile websites for all social media networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest.
  • Using two devices at once is very common, with 65% of respondents using their tablet at the same time as watching TV at least once every day. Another 41% reported using both tablet and smartphone simultaneously at least once each day.
  • Communication is still the most widely used feature in smartphones, with nine out of 10 respondents using their phones for checking and responding to e-mails and texts, at least once each day. Only 3 out of 10 users reported using their smartphones for viewing videos once a day.
  • Nearly 88% of tracked visits to Facebook originated from mobile. Intagram and Pinterest recorded highly mobile traffic as 97% and 95% visits, respectively, were recorded from mobile.

This survey clearly depicts the habits of the modern-day consumer in the age of global mobile adoption. Advertisers and Brands will continue to study these trends carefully,  to deliver the best and most relevant content to users. Mobile commerce is expected to grow to a US$ 31 billion industry by 2016, and over the next few years mobile commerce will emerge as the preferred choice for retailers over e-commerce. Further on, the rise of connected devices and the internet of things (IoT) will unleash the full potential of smartphones.



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