The 12 Top IT Jobs That You Must Target To Grab In 2014: Perks You Should Expect In Startups !

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Are you looking to make a break into the IT Industry? Getting a job in the IT field is definitely a wise move, but it is also important to have the proper expectations. You should go into the industry with your eyes wide open, with the right ideas of what the job market is like and what the salary package you can expect. You should also shoot for the jobs that will hold the potential for success that you want. To help with this decision, has prepared this infographic that lists 12 top IT jobs that will fast track your career.

As you can see from the infographic, salaries for these jobs start at around $45,000 for a health information technician. This position, of course, requires the lease amount of training—it only requires an associate’s degree for an entry-level position. To move up the job chain, though, you should aim for a Master’s degree in health information management.

Moving to the top end of the ladder, a cloud architect can expect to earn around $112,000. This position requires a Bachelor’s degree as well as a certification in cloud computing, but the increasing move of companies towards the cloud is definitely a sign of potential success that will outweigh the additional education and training you need to land a job in this field.


Other positions in between the health information technician and cloud architect, salary-wise, require varying degrees of education and certification. The good news is that these positions often enjoy very low unemployment, and a starting salary that is lucrative enough to attract the top performers in IT.

Of course, there are also some positions in this field that don’t always need a college education. Software developers earn around $92,000, and sometimes land jobs based solely on self-taught and applied knowledge, as well as staying up to date on the latest programming trends.

Look through the infographic and decide if any of these jobs are the right fit for you, and then tailor your education to the job or jobs you want to pursue. You aren’t guaranteed to be on the fast track to career success, but these jobs will definitely increase your likelihood of success.

Top IT Jobs 2014


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