Employ A ‘Human Touch’ To Your Ecommerce Website And You Will Win Human Trust!

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We are shopaholics and we don’t deny it! And as shoppers, you know what our worst nightmare is? THIS – Walking into a retail store that doesn’t have a human soul in sight. No sales representative. No customers even. It’s creepy and cold. How then am I supposed to know if others are even buying their product?

And now should I disclose the creepiest part? This is not a nightmare, it’s a reality! This is exactly how shopping online feels like.

How To Win in Ecommerce Space

An empty store with an expanse of products to buy, but no store representatives in sight and no interested customers around. And that’s why, all you e-preneurs and e-tailers should take this down. This is your talisman!

“Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you!”

Retail before the internet was a cozy place. You walked into a store and there was someone to attend to your needs, someone to guide you through the various aisles and someone to push you a tiny discount at the checkout because you were such a loyal customer. Now, just because it’s a technology driven medium to shop at, doesn’t mean your customers should feel less at home or that shopping should be any less humane. And that’s definitely one reason why robots have not yet taken over the world!

Many promising e-commerce platforms such as Zepo, are helping entrepreneurs and retailers to start their own online stores. They have definitely realized that adding the human touch is the need of the hour for all e-businesses. To keep true to this, it has brought together a multitude of apps and features to help its store owners engage with its customers at all times.

So to answer the looming question – how do you bring the humane touch online? Let’s start by ironing away your customer’s troubles one by one.

1.    “Has anyone bought this yet? Is this t-shirt any good?”

Drop hints that other customers have purchased the t-shirt from your store! Ask your customers to rate and write product reviews after they have purchased your product. That will serve as a ‘to-buy-or-not’ guide for all future buyers of that product.

Suggestions: Yotpo Reviews

2.    “Are they a reliable brand?”

Get your most loyal customers to write about why they love shopping with you. And display the same, proudly, for all your prospective as well as casual shoppers to see.

Suggestions: GetKudos

3.     “I can’t find my size!”

Be available to them. Leave your contact information in the footer of your store, much like a visiting card on the checkout counter. And have a live chat tool enabled for those tricky situations your customers find themselves in. Trust me, there’s nothing better than having a person walk you through the product aisle when you can’t find the product you were sure they stocked.

Suggestions: Zopim

4.    “I spoke to Radha from your team the last time. Can I please talk to her again?”

Before you go hunting for Radha, hear me out. Maintaining a personal conversation with your customer at all times is the 1st checkpoint when running an online store! Lend your voice a face they can relate to and ask for a discount the next time around.

And with that, here’s revealing the new Amplify Connect app for all Zepo powered online stores. How is Amplify Connect any different from all those online customer engagement widgets?

   1.    Personalized inbox for every customer!

Let customer feedbacks turn into conversations. And store them in a personalized user-inbox for every customer.

   2.    Lend a face to your customer support team

Easily assign conversations and support requests to your team members. Use email forwarding to centralize your support queries via Amplify Connect.

   3.    Push customized discounts to your most vulnerable customers

Get your marketing messages across to your customer through their personalized inboxes on your site.

It’s time to bring the cozy to the online world! Start your online store today and let your customers feel the warmth that you so gently extend.

Have more suggestions on how to keep things personal at your online store? Let’s have a discussion. Drop in a word in the comments below. 



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