Apple, Google And Microsoft: Top Reports You Might Have Missed This Week [13 Jan – 19 Jan]

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The week ended with new few new findings from Mobile App industry, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) at target of device thieves, new introduction from Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Google’s 2nd biggest acquisition till date. Besides, few other stories that could probably have indirect impact on the coming weeks, likes of Apple iPhone 6 launch date postponed, iPhone 6 confirmed specs and smartphone and Tablets introduced at CES 2014, also got internet users eye-balls.

Top Stories Jan 12 - Jan 19

Here is quick roundup of the major studies, reports, statistics that rocked the Tech industry last week.

  • People are fascinated towards Apple products and owning iPhone, iPad or Mac has become one of the standard symbols in tech galore. While Apple is known to produce only premium products, thieves are also well aware about the fact and have started targeting Apple devices compare to any other mobile or computer devices. According to a latest findings theft reports of Apple products are on the rise in U.S. as Apple products fetch good returns not only to legitimate buyers bout also to thieves. So if you are a proud owner of any Apple devices, its time for you to stay attentive while walking in the market or leaving your MacBook anywhere unattended. Read More
  • This week Google made its second biggest acquisition of Nest – a smart home appliances – for $3.2 billion. While tech giant is quite convinced about future of the product with growing technology dependency among people, this has also triggered a debate on Google’s embellished interference in people’s off-the-internet life. Read More
  • Every year CES previews the gadgets that companies plan to introduce during whole year. In CES 2014 few path-breaking Smartphone and Tablets, introduced by Samsung, Sony and ASUS, stole the show. Here is the concluded list of major Smartphone and Tablets that you may appreciate and expect to buy this year. Read More
  • The explosive growth of smartphone has revolutionised the Internet and Messaging Industry. Overall use of mobile apps went up by 115% in 2013, Adoption of Social Media and Mobile messaging apps drove this growth with 203% increase in usage. Read More
  • After failing to compete with Samsung, Sony and HTC are apparently planning to jump off the Android ship, expecting to gain better market traction with Windows OS. But the big question remains if Windows OS itself enjoys a market size that could satisfy new friends? Read More
  • As the farewell party of Steve Ballmer, CEO – Microsoft – is approaching, company is racing against the time to find Ballmer’s successor. And, with the recent confirmation on loosing top contenders, the company is finding itself in a little difficult situation to ‘poach’ a suitable executive who can fit into Ballmer’s shoes. Is the company has grown too big to manage or the board has set their expectations too high from incoming CEO ? Here we analyze the real challenge and a brief list of left-over lead contenders. Read More
  • Finally, Microsoft owned Nokia Corp is looking towards Android to stay afloat. And, if the company decides to adopt Android, will it arose a conflict of interest of disbelieving on homegrown mobile OS ? Here are some cranky facts. Read More


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