Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 6 Launch Not Before Q3, 2014 : Confirmed Specs And Features!

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The launch date of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6, consistent with the most recent reports from Asia, will probably be shifted to the second half of 2014, basically imitating the launch of iPhone 5S – world’s best selling Smartphone for 2013.

The new dates are in contrast with the earlier rumors claiming May 2014 would welcome the first Phablet from Apple. According to Digitimes, the preparation process of key components for the iPhone 6 will only trigger in the second quarter of this year. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) apparently will start processing finger impression sensors for Apple’s cutting edge iPhone at 12-inch fab utilizing a 65nm methodology in the second quarter of 2014.

Apple iPhone 6: A rumour of iPhone Air

That conjecture alone, which is dependent upon the information coming from a supply chain insider, invalidates the probability of a Q2 2014 roll-out for the iPhone 5s successor. Apple is facing a tough time as the market share of iPhone is constantly slipping with each passing quarter. In Q3, 2013 Apple market share dived to just 12.1% from 14.3% in a year ago quarter. Though, the company is expecting some improvement in its market share since the launch of iPhone 5S in October, the market is really keeping a close eye on the iPhone 6 that could possibly turn the tables around.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales Q3 2013

Though, there is adequate time before Apple fans can really get hold of the iPhone 6, many of its features and popular traits are already talk of the town on account of a torrent of hints gathered from predictions made by analyst and exposed patents.

Mentioned below are the five major features of the much-rumored iPhone 6 which are practically confirmed:

TouchID Finger Impression Scanner

Apple offered and presented this feature for the first time ever with the iPhone 5S, introduced in September last year and clearly, based on the same Digitimes report, TouchID scanner will remain intact in ensuing iPhone product-line. However, there would be improvements, the likes of pressure sensors that are made from Liquid metal alloy.

No 4.7” or 4.9” Screens : Apple to Follow The Tradition

While theories are rife that Apple is going to introduce variants of the iPhone 6 to mark it presence in the Phablet market, KGI Securities expert Ming-chi Kuo favors the likelihood of a not so excessively extensive 2014 iPhone model. He justifies his stand behind Apple’s half-inch screen upgrade from a 3.5” screen in iPhone 4S to a 4” screen in iPhone 5. Besides, Apple has a theory of a single hand use to navigate features of the iPhone – something that the company excessively marketed during the launch of iPhone 5.

In any case, a majority of successful Phablets, available in the market, still hold a little over a 5-inch screen and therefore fixing the Phablet version of iPhone with a 5-inch display could easily solve the purpose.

iPhone 6: Good To Go With An 8 MP Rear Camera

As Android adversaries are at present shaking and boasting about a 13 mp rear camera and are most likely hopping on to a 16 mp in the approaching upgrades, Apple will adhere to the 8 mp lens sensor that was once again introduced with the iPhone 4S. On the other hand, the iPhone producer will stay on course to deliver a ‘Real Smartphone with an excellent quality camera’ instead of ‘A smart camera with excellent quality phone features.’

However, don’t be surprised to see enhancements with camera quality or features with the help of superb engineering that Apple is known for.

iOS 8 with real 64 bit Environment

It was the first time in many years when Apple went for a major makeover of iOS and the outcome was – the iOS7. During the introduction of iOS7 Apple intelligently stated that its time when a smart device OS must complement hardware with optimum performance. Definitely, Apple is constantly working on the newborn iOS 7 with tons of suggestions and enhancement plans on the table. The new iPhone 6 with bigger screens, an upgraded sensor and camera can’t be completed without an improved version of iOS sitting at the heart of the device.

In accordance to the latest release dates, Apple is enjoying a good time to make many more enhancements and improvements, expecting to take a bit out of the explosively growing Android market for premium class Smartphones. I say, this should worry Samsung, especially after the not-so-exciting market response to the Galaxy S4.


  1. More rumors to make you think what you have or will buy will become obsolete.
    AAPL still enjoys sales on the 4S as spectacular. Like a fine watch…whatever the style, of which there are many among any brand, it becomes a matter of function and taste.
    This is a “NO NOTHING” rumor mill, pay per click piece of propaganda.


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