8 Of The Coolest Mobile Apps For The “Internet Of Things”!

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Estimations by the oganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development show that by the year 2020, the average household will contain 50 devices connected to the internet at any one time. Dubbed the Internet of Things, or IoT, this trend will surely continue to grow, as people are now using more apps on their Smartphones and tablets to control these appliances. Here we take a look at some of the coolest apps available which do just that.

1. XBMC (Free on Android)

This all-in-one XBMC app allows you to remotely control your TV, access music, images and video, all from your mobile device. Gone are the infuriating days of having too many remotes, and forgetting what each one is for.

2. iRule ($49.99 iOS and Android)

The iRule app is a really cool and comprehensive piece of kit which controls not only audio and video, but also lights, shades, and even security devices. The Basic iRule device will allow you to control 15 devices in your household and if you upgrade to the Pro version ($99.99), that number will increase to 25.


Top Mobile Apps for Internet of Things

3. Nest Mobile (Free on iOS and Android)

Nest Mobile allows users to adjust air temperature, and monitor smoke and carbon monoxide levels in the home. The app will tell you the different conditions in each room of the house, and will warn you if it detects anything suspicious. You’ll need a Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect Smoke Alarm to use with this free app.

4. Slideshow Remote (Free on iOS and Android)

Slideshow Remote is a handy app when giving all of those PowerPoint presentations at your board meetings. No longer do you need to stand close to your laptop or keep walking over to click the mouse pad, as this app allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a slideshow remote control.

5. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client ($24.95 on Android)

With this smart app, all you need is an internet connection to be able to access your Windows laptop from your Android mobile device. The app’s interface is a mouse and keyboard, which you can use to access all of your files and emails wherever you may be.

6. The Smart Washer App (Free on iOS and Android)

If you’ve got a Samsung washing machine, The Smart Washer app will allow you to control it remotely from your Smartphone or tablet. Now, it doesn’t matter if you forget to set the machine or used the wrong temperature, as you can activate it from wherever you are sitting. The app will also allow users to find the solutions for any problems or errors without the need to read the user manual or get in touch with customer service.

7. Withings Health Mate (Free on iOS and Android)

Designed for those who wish to lose weight, commit to more exercise, improve sleep habits or keep a check on blood pressures, Withings Health Mate is a free download which works with the company’s external products like wristbands and scales. The app will improve your quality of life and keep you motivated to reach your targets during the toughest of times.


8. Koubachi (Free on iOS)

Never again will you have to go through the torment of forgetting to water your plants! This handy app (which only works with the purchase of the $99 Koubachi Sensor) will remind you when you need to water your foliage by calculating an individual care plan for each plant. It considers the plants’ water usage rate, light intensity, species and temperature. The sensor will communicate with the app keeping you informed of the status of your plants at all times!

The Guest Post is written by Ilan Nass. Ilan works for Fueled – a leading iPhone app builder, renowned for its award wining mobile design and strategy.


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