More Than 80 Million PS3 Consoles Sold Since Launch! Grand Theft Auto V Sales Were At Par With The Box Office Collection Of Iron Man-3 [Infographic]

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Did you know that approximately 80 million PlayStaion 3 (PS3) have been sold till date and more than 1 million Xbox One consoles were sold out within 24 hours of release? How many of you would be stunned to hear that Grand Theft Auto V retail recorded $800 million sales on the opening day and about surpassed $1 billion mark in the first 3 days, which is at par with the box office collection of the biggest hit of 2013 – Iron Man 3 ($1.2 billion). After discovering interesting things which occur in One Internet Minute, now a few more interesting stories pertaining to gaming, internet, and social media industry are summarized here.

A leading technology news publishing firm Silicon Republic, compiled interesting figures and facts from 2013, pertaining to gaming, internet, social media and the gadget industry. Few interesting ones are listed below –

  • Grand Theft Auto V worldwide retail sales reached an epic $1 billion mark in just 3 days, surpassing the box office income for Despicable Me 2 ($918 million) and at par with 2013’s top performing movie Iron Man – 3 ($1.2 billion).
  • Xbox One console sales surpassed the 1 million mark within 24 hours of its release. About 250,000 Euros were charged for Sony as fine for its PlayStation Network Breach.
  • Nearly 80 million PlayStation 3 consoles have been sold since launch, and over 3.4 million sales of  The Last of Us took place in less than one month – the fastest-selling PS3 title of 2013.
  • Sale of PlayStation 4 consoles is expected to be around 2.1 million worldwide in 2013 and more than 20 million minutes of live game play was streamed from the PS4 systems till date.
  • Data can be transmitted at a speed of 20 GB/second between the devices using Intel’s next generation Thunderbolt Technology.
  •  The overall profit in 2013 by the Internet of things is estimated to be around $613 billion. Nearly 130 hrs are wasted per year waiting for slow loading of PCs and shipment of PCs saw a 10% decline in 2013.
  • More than 9 million iPhone 5C and 5s devices combined were sold after the first weekend of their release. But still 80% of the global Smartphone market share is owned by Android.
  • Close to 1.2 million households were predicted to own a tablet by 2013. Smartphone shipment surpassed feature phones for the first time with a 51.6% share. About 2.9 devices (gadgets) are carried by an average user.
  • A massive 1.4 million tweets were sent in one hour after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement as manager of Manchester United FC. Harlem Shake viral craze resulted in whopping 1.2 billion views within 40 days.
  • More than 200 million users signed to Dropbox and the predicted value of global cloud services by 2014 will be 76 billion Euros.
  • HP’s new cloud operation on Galway (Ireland) which will house 700 workers is expected to occupy massive 87,000sq.ft area.

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