There Will Be 2.1 Billion Mobile Broadband Subscribers By The End Of 2013 – Seven Billion By 2018!

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The explosive adoption of tablet and Smartphone has accelerated the growth of mobile broadband subscribers across the globe. By the end of 2013, there would be 2.1 billion mobile broadband users, which equals one-third of the total mobile subscribers. According to the latest report by Broadband Commission for Digital Development, global mobile broadband subscribers are growing at a rate of 30%, annually. The trend is expected to continue in the next few years as mobile broadband subscribers are projected to touch 7 billion subscribers by 2018.

The contribution of 4G subscribers to mobile broadband penetration is expected to stay low. By 2017, there would be 864 million mobile subscribers using 4G as the prime internet mobile network.

Mobile Broadband Penetration 2013

Mobile broadband penetration has reached an optimum level in many countries. Singapore, Japan, Finland, Republic of Korea and Sweden have more than 100 connections per capita. With 96.2 Australia is close to achieving 100 connections per capita. Local broadband service providers in these countries have played a crucial role in achieving higher penetration. As an example, Jiva offers unlimited broadband plans in Australia and similar arrangements have been done by various network providers in other countries.

“The new analysis in this year’s report shows progress in broadband availability, but we must not lose sight of those who are being left behind,” said ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, who serves as co-Vice Chair of the Commission with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova.

However, other countries in Asia have presented a disappointing show. Hong Kong and New Zealand though, have achieved 73% and 65% penetration respectively, but countries like China and India lag much behind with 17% and 7% – in spite of being the largest countries by mobile subscribers.

The infrastructure growth in South Korea has been commendable. Between 2004 and 2010, the country laid down 100 Mbps broadband convergence network that helped the country to reach the highest household broadband penetration at over 97%.

By 2015, internet penetration is estimated to reach to 60% worldwide. It’s interesting to learn that now there are 70 countries, where over 50% of the population uses the internet. Interestingly, eight out of top 10 countries using the internet are from Europe.

Source: The State Of Broadband Report, 2013


  1. tomvucic emphasis on technical. You don’t need half a brain to understand why a mobile ISP is investing in 4G.

  2. tomvucic I suggest you read either a physics/telecomms textbook before really commenting on this… Understanding matters. SenatorLudlam

  3. batouchu My knowledge of financial markets and events occurring in mobile & tech sectors! Major US carriers all investing billions in 4G

  4. AshGhebranious well I cant see his logic, Im a swing voter and Im swinging hard away from Abbrortt & his annoying supporters

  5. tomvucic tnsprofpunter z3n_digital billkinn CliveFPalmer Your link mentions Sth Korea as highest BBand penetration who’re going FTTH!

  6. tomvucic You should really use up to date data. Cisco VNI 2012-2017 revises the forecasts downwards. Only 4.7EB for 2015 #nbn #auspol

  7. tomvucic I wouldn’t be surprised. The guy is a clown and a yes man. denntian edhusicMP SenatorLudlam AlboMP #nbn

  8. denntian I think Tom’s purpose is just that. To get in our face and get us angry while the Abbott wankers destroy the NBN . Same as climate

  9. tomvucic MarkCampbellAU Tom I think I will stop tweeting with u, u lost my interest when u start calling ABS facts bullshit #nbn

  10. tomvucic denntian Still holding onto the delusion that fibre is obsolete Tom, even when you’ve been shown you’re wrong time and again.

  11. MarkCampbellAU denntian Why would ABS wireless data contradict Telstra 4G & international data? #nbn #auspol edhusicMP SenatorLudlam

  12. MarkCampbellAU denntian Yes I know. ABS data contradicts international data. Who is bullshitting? #nbn #auspol

  13. denntian Yes. Look at the latest international data on 4G LTE wireless traffic data. It’s overwhelming! #auspol #nbn

  14. tomvucic I might b wrong on this but I dont think the new #nbn CEO has wireless as replacement for fixed which means he doesnt agree wit u

  15. tomvucic wow I provide some evidence from ABS & all u can do is call bias. Ur bias for wireless is obvious, tweet after tweet #nbn

  16. denntian Don’t be surprised if Ziggy comes out with announcement – fibre is OBSOLETE. #auspol #nbn edhusicMP SenatorLudlam AlboMP

  17. denntian Your bias is probably affecting your ability to think rationally. But don’t worry, new #nbn CEO knows that future is wireless.

  18. MontagueCat tomvucic I found that on ABS website & fixed usage is growing, wireless isn’t it shrunk a little (if I read that right) #nbn

  19. MontagueCat tomvucic data downloaded by fixed broadband accounted for 96% of all internet downloads in the three months ended 30Jun13 #nbn

  20. tomvucic we have 4 tablets/iPhones in our home, but we run fixed to a wireless router, but still req fixed to run a private wifi setup #nbn

  21. tomvucic both wireless & fibre will get faster & faster but I did read that the spectrum for wireless is far less than fibre optics #nbn

  22. tomvucic both wireless & fibre will get faster & faster but I did read that the spectrum for wireless is far far less than fibre optics

  23. tomvucic I would think the future would look like fibre backbone, 4G everywhere & fibre to schools, hospitals, business & home #nbn

  24. tomvucic I use 3G & fixed alot but for vry diff things, from my exp wit 3G in public places like train stations congestion it dies #nbn

  25. brassrazoogroup All you need to do is google – ‘wireless broadband traffic data 2013’
    It’s there for all to see! #nbn #auspol

  26. brassrazoogroup Do some reading on all those technologies. #NBN fibre cables will follow landlines to obsolescence! #auspol

  27. bradhill_ Thanks for telling me something I already know. Telstra 4G such a huge success, laying extra fibre to boost service! #nbn #auspol

  28. tomvucic brassrazoogroup Thousands of kilometers of fibre are being laid in australia each week – even WITHOUT #nbn.

  29. bradhill_ brassrazoogroup That’s why Google etc scrambling for wireless assets! #auspol #nbn and cables are part of the past already!

  30. bradhill_ brassrazoogroup Cloud, big data, location, wearable’s, Internet of Things, mobility, wireless – all converging! #nbn is obsolete

  31. MontagueCat denntian Kevin, have a look at traffic data mobile device, wireless. Why r tablets outselling PC’s? #nbn is obsolete. #auspol

  32. tomvucic
    Core, distribution and edge. All vital parts of the network contributing to providing service delivery. 4G is no panacea. #NBN

  33. brassrazoogroup tomvucic Of course. lol. But they’ve got an army of tweeters justifying all their crap and promising more. Shitodear.

  34. Wobbly_one tomvucic
    Correction – The coaster was sodden with expensive, taxpayer funded, award winning Australian wine FWIW

  35. tomvucic brassrazoogroup I recall that being said way back in the beer coaster planning days. How can they get away with their mayhem?

  36. brassrazoogroup #NBN is a serious waste of money. Nobody will be using cables in 5yrs time. It’s like bringing back landlines! #auspol

  37. brassrazoogroup #nbn is already obsolete. Fibre cable is being dumped because of latency issues. It’s too slow! #auspol

  38. tomvucic denntian
    Tom – definitely a place for Fibre – remember #Turnbull promised subsidies against DIY projects.

  39. denntian Christian, wireless will replace everything completely in near future. Many technologies converging with mobility. #nbn obsolete

  40. tomvucic davo6253 At $!00 per GB over cap, it *should* be profitable. And that’s just one reason why 4G won’t take over

  41. tomvucic wireless is great for casual use on the move but u cant rely on it for large important tasks, congestion kills it at anytime #nbn

  42. tomvucic wireless is great for casual use on the move but u cant rely on it for large important tasks, congestion kills it at anytime.

  43. tomvucic I only partially agree, 4G has its place to complement fibre #nbn, not replace, hospitals, schools, & most business are not mobile

  44. tomvucic I only partially agree, 4G has its place to complement fibre, not replace, hospitals, schools, & most bus are not mobile.

  45. davo6253 No matter, #nbn will bleed customers to wireless broadband. It will go broke in its current form. Telstra 4G already huge success

  46. davo6253 The poor sod is going to have to re-write NBNmyths a second time now. Everything re-written totally wrong again! #auspol

  47. davo6253 nbnmyths is obsolete just like #nbn. Source article states 4G doesn’t work – but Telstra builds a very profitable 4G network.

  48. davo6253 MarkCampbellAU quoting from NBNMyths? Too funny! Do you know that website had to be re-written. Information was dated! #nbn

  49. tomvucic You and Turnbull think the internet is just about youtube and email. You wire the whole house. davo6253 MarkCampbellAU #NBN

  50. davo6253 MarkCampbellAU Funny thing is you all pump out the same objections. All have been proven to be wrong. #nbn

  51. tomvucic davo6253 You’ve been spouthing this wireless crap for days, yet you find no friends, because the truth is, wifi is not up to it!

  52. davo6253 So because of contention ratios 4G won’t work in Oz. But it works fine everywhere else. No ‘contention issues’ #nbn #auspol

  53. davo6253 Even with working commercial examples of very fast wireless broadband the #nbn fruit loops trot out contention ratios. #auspol

  54. tomvucic MarkCampbellAU The only BS that is being pumped is your non-sensical wireless mantra. Please go read about CONTENTION RATIOS

  55. vstromoz tomvucic 4CThinking u are a complete ignoramus labelling lefties dole dependant,.LNP will be dead and buried 2016 Abbott in jail

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  60. 4CThinking it’s a police prosecution. There was a fraud & breach of fiduciary duty. Just a few FACTS that abcnews missed. #auspol

  61. tomvucic 4CThinking abcnews It’s a police investigation, let the police do their job, and report it if it become a court case #auspol

  62. tomvucic Don’t know as I don’t work for ABC. Given their barracking, you should take News reporting of matter with grain of salt #auspol

  63. tomvucic Plenty of ppl have been trying to make that one fly for years. As with all court cases, let justice take its course #auspol

  64. 4CThinking NEWS is reporting of a particular court case taking place in Melbourne. According to abcnews, nothing happening. #auspol

  65. MarkCampbellAU News Corp trash is like a turd in a salad – best pushed to the side, and definitely not to be consumed tomvucic #auspol

  66. tomvucic No, you sound much more like a News Corp, Current Affair and Radio Moron sort of guy MarkCampbellAU abcnews #auspol

  67. MarkCampbellAU Have abcnews reported on it? Court case is presently underway. I don’t waste my time with ABC news. #auspol

  68. MarkCampbellAU Have u heard anything about Gillard being involved in a major court case? abcnews have been ignoring developments #auspol

  69. MarkCampbellAU Maybe that’s ur problem. They pump so much BS about #NBN and completely ignore what’s really happening -> wireless! #auspol

  70. tomvucic hahahaha how small is the mircowave spectrum? You cant make physics obsolete. Just the phones themselves #NBN davo6253

  71. tomvucic davo6253 CliveFPalmer and what it dies the backbone of these wireless networks run on. I’ll give you one guess! #nbn

  72. tomvucic davo6253 show me gigabit wireless that will run at gigabit speeds under load, and i might consider your argument plausable

  73. davo6253 CliveFPalmer Other examples – SoftBank takeover of Sprint, Sprint takeover of Clearwire, AT&T attempt at T Mobile. #nbn obsolete

  74. davo6253 CliveFPalmer Level of money being invested in wireless dwarfs fibre. One example is Verizon’s $130b deal with Vodafone

  75. davo6253 Because of consumer demand for mobile devices, investment is pouring into wireless. This in turn drives innovation. #nbn obsolete

  76. tomvucic Countries are moving to fibre landline connections for speed, reliability and data traffic load #NBN davo6253 CliveFPalmer

  77. tomvucic Oh Please. Mobility can not handle the data load and would be vastly expensive per gigabyte moved davo6253 CliveFPalmer #auspol

  78. davo6253 CliveFPalmer Trend only became obvious in 2013. Mobility, wireless tech is the future. #nbn is a huge mistake! #auspol

  79. tomvucic tnsprofpunter z3n_digital billkinn CliveFPalmer facts are that 4G is not up to being the solution, END OF STORY #NBN #auspol

  80. tnsprofpunter z3n_digital billkinn CliveFPalmer Stop sprout #nbn propaganda about mobile towers needed & stick with facts! #auspol

  81. tomvucic z3n_digital billkinn CliveFPalmer how many mobile towers do you want to build? It’s only part of the solution


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