Nearly 68% Of Respondents Consider Facebook Inc. (FB) As The Most Trusted Social Recommendations Platform! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Usually, consumers trust social recommendations from their friends and known folks. Digital technology and social media has revolutionized the way people make their buying decisions by referring various sources. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) are amongst the top social media networks which people rely on for reviews about a product before buying them.

Consumer recommendations will continue to be a decisive factor for brand marketers, care should be taken to make the communication means easier for customers who are likely to share positive reviews. People are largely influenced by recommendations from their close peers on social networking sites and other platforms. Brands must focus on generating more quality reviews for customers who are likely to have a strong affinity towards the brand.

Social Media Link conducted a survey of more than 10,000 social media-connected consumers of  Smiley360 community to learn more about the world of consumer recommendations. Few interesting facts and figures are compiled in the form of an Infographic below.

  • Nearly 92% of respondents trust social recommendations from their friends and relatives group who they know pretty well
  • About 50% trust social recommendations from e-mail, 47% from TV ads, outdoor ads and print media and about 42% on Radio.
  • The average consumer mentions specific brands over 90 times per week in conversations with friends, family and co-workers. About 15.1 million people refer to social media before making purchase decisions.
  • Close to 68% of respondents consider Facebook as the most trusted online platform for product/service recommendations, 41% rely on the Twitter and Google Plus platform, about 56% depend on Pinterest and nearly 51% on YouTube.
  • About 77% of people need to see fewer than 10 reviews to compel them to purchase.
  • About 86% of respondents said that their purchase are influenced by family and close friends, 58% by professionals, 54% by website reviews and 39% are inspired by personal blogs.
  • In a product review, personal story/ experience with a brand is most valued by 40% of respondents and 35% considered the list of pros and cons in product review details.
  • Nearly 86% and 68% of respondents trust family and friends respectively among those who receive free products and are paid for reviewing respectively.

Social Recommendations Implications! Tips For Brand Advertisers.

  • Facebook with massive monthly active user base of 1.189 billion is leading the list of most trusted site for social recommendations. Facebook friends are an important part on product discovery, research and conversion.
  • Brand advertisers must allow consumers to easily share with their Facebook community, as the effect goes viral if the experience was positive.
  • While encouraging consumers to share, care should be taken to look out for those who have had a great experience and are likely to post positive reviews in favor of the brand.
  • Instead of trying to push brand messaging through consumers, focus must be laid on encouraging them to share their personal stories as people trust personal stories more.
  • Advertisers should focus on quality (effectiveness) of recommendations rather than generating large number of social recommendations of which very few are impactful.
  • Consumer influencers are vital for a brand and a majority of them are close friend or family member. Advertisers should mobilize advocates to share within their close social recommendation


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